From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: Ogres...



Speak: Grumbarth
Night Vision: Zero
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 11' + 2d10"
Psychology: causes Fear (under 10')
Age: 2d8/4d6
Fate Points: d3-1 (minimum of zero!)


Note: Ogres age quickly, and old ones age quickly and tend to die off, this is represented in the skill chart.

Careers: initially, all Ogres must be Warriors.

Skill Chart
01-06 Cook. An essential Ogre skill.
07-12 Disarm
13-20 Dodge Blow
21-30 Excellent Vision
31-40 Nightvision
41-50 Norse. The Ogre speaks rudimentary Norscan
51-60 Old Worlder. As above.
61-70 SW 2 handed
71-80 Street fighting
81-90 Very Resilient
91-100 Very Strong

Warrior Chart
01-20 Beserker
21-50 Mercenary
51-70 Pit fighter
71-90 Protagonist
91-100 Soldier

Ogre Beserker



	Consume Alcohol, Frenzied Attack, Street Fighter, 
	Strike Mighty Blow, SW Two Handed
	Big axe!, Scary looking loincloth!, Tatoos!

Notes: Comparing this to the Ogre in the book, the PC version will suffer. I'm acting under the assumption that the Ogre in the book has had a career or two. This allows the Ogre PC to be weaker and a little more tolerable.
M: I really lowered this. I couldn't abide by the original M score. It really seemed like a mechanism left over from WFB... W: Lowered a lot. So the PC won't just wade into combat.

Keeping the Ogre in Check

First, Ogres must eat at least 5 times as much as another PC. Clothes, equipment must cost at least as much, if purchased from humans. Outside the Empire, they're perceived as monsters. Inside the Empire, only at cities with a strong military presence are they even tolerated. No lodging in most inns or taverns. No horses. River travel difficult. Discrimination. Even cities where they are tolerated, the tax for them to enter is roughly about ten times the normal amount, and all weapons and armor will be temporarily confiscated by the militia/watch at the gates. Where they are tolerated: By a few adventuring bands, most mercenary bands, and a few feudal armies, and also some parts of Norsca. If attached to respected groups, an people will take accountability for the Ogres actions, a lot of restrictions will be removed by local authorities, and the Ogre will be treated as almost human.
No Dungeons. No sewers, no secret exits, no small buildings. A lot of normal activities become difficult.
Hell, this sounds like a challenge. I might just let one of my players play this race. For a good player, it could turn into a memorable class.
Note that all the restrictions, really make power gaming difficult. Also note that a 10% chance of Very Strong and Very Resilient make the Ogre a formidible opponent in combat.