From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: Dark Elves

Dark Elves

(Dark Elves are supposed to be amongst the coldest, and most cruel of races. Hence the high cool and low Fel.)

Speak: Druas-tharin
Night Vision: 30 yards
Alignment: Evil (or Chaotic)
Height: 5' 8" +d10
Psychology: Hatred of High Elves
Fate Points: d3-1, minimum of 0
Age, and age chart are the same for wood elves.

Mandatory skills: All Dark elves have Excellent Vision. If they have a second skill, there is an equal chance for it to be intimidation, SW repeating crossbow, or torture. Well, they're supposed to be mean!

Use the Woodelf table for skills for now. If I get the chance I might edit and post one for Dark elves, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

Bodyguard01-08Bounty Hunter01-15Bawd01-10Astrologer01-10
City Guard09-20Hunter16-25Beggars11-15Alchemists Apprentice11-20
Cold One Rider21-28Pilot26-35Entertainer16-25Artisans Apprentice21-30
Dark One Rider29-40Prospectors36-45Footpad26-35Excise-elf**31-40
Marine46-58Trapper71-75Pedlar46-55Physicians Student51-60
Mercenary59-66Whelp Keepers76-90Ruin Robbers56-65Scribe61-70
Witch Elf96-100

Dark Elf warriors do not have any access to gunpowder or firearms!

* Either Dark One Riders again, Outriders, or Dispatch Riders...

Dark Elf rogueish sorts are of extreme importance. Dark Elf lords are always in subtle conflicts of power, and use servants as tools. Many of these are sneaky disreputable sorts...Other rogues are Dark Elfs who live in the seedy side of town, and despite severe punishments, pursue crime.

Probably the most prominent class of Dark Elves are the academics. Wielders of great powers and ancient secrets...

**Excise-elf-I'm sorry about that! Any suggestions? They are responsible for making sure that the liege gets' every bit coming to them. Often given outrageous amounts of power (sort of like the IRS in the US), and if a subject is suspected of lying or withholding, are allowed to search the residence and or torture the poor elf!

***Hell Fay/Sorceror/Wizard's Apprentice