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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 03:14:27 -0400
From: Eric Oppen <>
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Subject: WFRP: More NPCs, as promised.

S Balderich

Race: Human(?)
Sex: Male
Career: Servant


  • Dodge blow
  • Animal care
  • Drive cart
  • Blather
  • Ride (horse)
  • Luck
  • Read/write

S Balderich (Nobody knows his first name, but he thinks it's 'Sod off', because when he used to play in the gutter, he'd tell the other snipes: 'Hello, my name's Balderich,' and they'd answer, 'Yes, we know. Sod off, Balderich!') is every noble's worst nightmare about the servant classes come to life. Short, dirty, clumsy, and utterly incomptent, his well-meant efforts bring disaster in their wake. He might just do for shovelling manure, as long as someone smarter than he is, such as a snotling, is put in charge of him to prevent him indulging in his habit of eating it.

He is Edmund von Schwarzenatter's servant, mainly providing his master with a butt for invective.

Description: short, peers nearsightedly, looks suspiciously like a monkey that's been stuffed into a servant's garb and strategically shaved.

Quotable quote: "Mein Herr, I have a cunning plan to save us from being executed. You know how when a chicken gets its head cut off, it runs around and around the farmyard? Well, I was thinking---"