From: Gregory Jay Scott <>
Subject: Names and a NPC

Richard Backensfeld

Age 45

Richard's father was named Camrin. Camrin was a above average free lance, this problably due to the fact that early in his carrier(before his marrage and the birth of Richard) by a stroke of great luck he saved a high ranking wardancers life. Out of gratitude the wardancer promised to give Camrin whatever he asked within certian limitations which he stated. Camrin in all inoucence asked for something that the elf had not excluded from the bargain because it had never occured to him that anyone would be so brash. Camrin asked that as long as the elf lived Camrin and his decendants would be allowed to enter the wardancers' compound. In the end the elf agreed but with stipulations to protect the secrecy of the location of the elf city and a conditions that the humans not speak in the compound and hide their faces and forms under robes so that they would be merely mysterous strangers rather than obviously human. It was never in question that Richard would follow in his fathers foot steps and he excelled with the sword, he had a most unusual style, influenced as it was by the elves. It was truely a joy to watch him train. His motions were increadiably fluid. Yet he at this point he had never seen a battle. He studied sword play only in the abstract. When he was 14 he had learned all that he could for the moment needing only more practice and the time to grow into his full strenght, resiliency and reach. He search around for some means of making some extra money and a change of pace. Wandering around town he met a hypnotist woand they fell to discusing the posiblity of an apprenticeship in a friendly manner. In actual fact the hypnotist did not really have the excess customers for Richard to practice on. In the discussion the hypnotise asked what Richard could do. Richard led the hypnotist to a feild and began doing sword exercises. The hypnotist saw a way to improve his businesses renown and his own fame. He took Richard in immeadiately and they worked together to develop a form of hypnotism based on entrancing sword exercises and the play of light on the sword's blade rather than on the rythem of a pendulum. The skeme worked and they got much free advertising from the stories of Richards unusual methods. Then 7 years later the long peace was shattered and Richard and Camrin rode off together to war against Chaos. Due to his lack of employment Camrin had been putting off buying a second war horse. Fortunitely the fighting was in the preliminary scouting and probing days of the battle and of course someone had gotten themselves killed, freeing up a war horse. Richard bought this horse. Richard never really got to know this horse since he sold it again within the month. The reason for this was that his father was seriously injured in the battle and never fully recovered, which was unsurprising given that he was missing his left hand. This plus this being Richards first battle and that during the battle a demon mind controled several hundred small children that the chaos forces had captured just for the purpose into suicide attacking the unit that Richard and Camrin were in drove Richard over the edge. He hated the concept of fighting from that day forth, although ironically this only passion for sword fighting techniques. By the time he finished his comvelecence at the feild hospital that the local preist of Shallya had provided the highedst ranking preist present had seen a rare opertunity in Richard. He offered to pay for Camrins room and board for the rest of Camrin's life if Richard would serve him. He began training Richard in the things an Initiate would know except spells, while he searched the sacred text for something that would allow a preist of Shallya to own a sword and use it for non-combative things provided that he had a strong averesion to blood shed (he stop a well meaning underling from casting cure insanity on Richard just in the nick if time). If he found this passage then increase Richard give him all of the skills with question marks after them and the spells listed. Later since nobody would someone so proficient with a blade of being a spy for Shallya (they like to know of plans made against them so that they can avoid a confrontation) he may have sent him to spy school. If you want to use him in this mode give him all the skills and trappings with an 's' after them. After Richard prove himself as a spy the priest is planing to give him a highly disguised amulat of disease resistance and insert him into the command stucture of Nurgles underlings. If at all possible he would also have the skill inmunity to disease just to be on the safe side. His mother BTW is nobody remarkible and is currently living with her husband in the temple of Shallya.


  • Act(s)
  • Bribery(s)
  • Cast spells-petty?
  • Concealment Urban(s)
  • Cryptology(s)
  • Cure disease
  • Ettequette
  • Flee!(s)
  • Hypnotise(sword),
  • Linguistics(s)
  • Magical awareness
  • Move silent Urban(s)
  • Palm Object(s)
  • Pick lock(s)
  • Read/write
  • Ride-horse
  • Scroll lore
  • Secret language- Classical
  • Seduction(s)
  • Shadowing(s)
  • Strike to injure
  • Strike to stun?
  • Strike mighty blow
  • SW - Lance
  • SW - Two handed
  • Theology
  • Hand and a half sword*(Trancer)
  • Artist lamp with tripod(ten times the brighness, size and oil consuption of ordinary lantern, has reflect or behind it, the mideavel version of a keig (sp?) light)
  • Polished shiny black (like modern dress shoes) leather dress armor with silver trim(+5 to hypnotise tests due to the way it looks)
  • Kraka:elderly warhorse(was his father's)
  • Riding tack
  • Lance
  • Disguise kit(s)
  • 10 gold
  • 2 homing pigeons (to the nearest temple of Shallya)(s)
  • Codebook(s)

Insanities: fear of battle- must pass WP test to enter combat and gain an insanity point for every other wound he causes to a humanoid (one every third wound point for non-humaniod opponents. No insanity gain for hunting game creatures).

Trancer: May have at the GM's option have some or all the following blessings on it by Shallya: -20 to all critical hit rolls for wounds done with it, Magic weapon, perminently mirror shiny(never needs sharpening or polishing. +10% chance of resisting corosion tests (troll acid specifically)), wounds it causes never become infected, glowing(Richard need not have bright light to use it (delete artists lantern from trappings)).