Psionic Slime

I have been GMing WFRP for a long time and my group is always looking for something differnet. So, one night I set a new moster on them that attacked psionicly: psionic slime. They cringed when they learnd how psionic combat worked and felt fear from then on when any room or corrodor was "filled with slime":-). The system works like normal combat but used their % char's instead (so much for Thrud!)

The PCs use their WP score for a Psionic WS, their Int for their mental S, and their Cl for their T, with wound taken in Insanity Points! They also got a # of A for every full 20 pts of Int. Then you run it like a normal combat. Because they are not proficient they get a -20 WP "WS". I let PC's with spell casting ability fight at a full "WS"

It might seem a bit hokey but, for my group, it add some variety and some character developing Disorders.:-). And this system could be developed further with skills and a career class, I have just used it for a dervision.

Thank you for your time.

From: "John N. Sweet" (
Date: Fri Jun 16 20:28:00 CDT 1995