From Sat Sep 27 20:25:56 1997
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 19:52:14 -0700
From: Robert Goodenough ><
Subject: [wfrp] new beastie for your consideration

Here is a monster for your consideration. It has proved itself to be a wonderful menace for many groups of players. It is especially useful in ruins and caves where the players have a hard time retreating from them and a good chance of awakening them.

MISTWIRE (Nebeldracht)


Mistwires are of unknown origin. They congregate in areas of high magic (ie nodes, leylines, temple ruins, or wherever a GM thinks they belong). They feed on the ambient magic of these places,draining small amounts of energy. They are able to go dormant for long periods of time (100's of years) when the "magic" of the area is depleted or removed. Any casting of spells, active spell, or actively used magic item within a 10 yard radius causes them to immediately wake and attack.

PHYSIQUE: Mistwires lair in cracks and crevices of stone or in small diameter holes in the ground. They are found in clusters of 3d6. They appear as translucent 1/4" thick glowing wires which can extend themselves to 10yds. Colors vary according to the type of magic in the area that they got from their last "meal". When no target is within range, they wave back and forth extended 5 to 10 feet from their hole as if swaying with an unknown current unless in hibernation (then they are fully withdrawn).

ALIGNMENT: neutral


SPECIAL/COMBAT: Mistwires always have their first attck with surprise if hibernating.