New Rules for Zombies in WFRP
Made By Carsten Schwartz (c) 1994.
Inspirated by WFRP play with Kenneth Madsen as GM

The zombie is known as a strong and stubborn creature of the night. This magical creature formed from the reanimated remains of human corpses never gives up. Although a zombie seem to be killed, it will suddenly live up again and attack again and again to big surprise on any adventurer or heroes behalf. The rules in WFRP does not live up to this description, they appear to be whimpy and fragile, so i made a new set of rules for zombies in general. These rules can be used on any persisten pest as the gamesmaster finds apropriate.

Physique: Zombies are walking corpses and carry the marks of how they where killed. They appear in various forms of decomposition and will smell from bad to disgusting.

Alignment: Zombies are to be considered as evil

Psychological Traits: Zombies cause fear in all living creatures they attack, but are themselves immune to psycological effects.

Special Rules: Zombies rely very much on magic to control them, if the controller which must be a magic user dies or is knocked down the zombie he controls is subject to stupidity if it is hit. As mentioned zombies are very persistent in their attack if they get a critical hit they will only die when it is impossible to fight back. A zombie will continue to attack until it has no arms or legs or it gets a critical hit in the body. This means that a zombies has got to be totally immobalized to be destroyed because even without a head and only one arm it will still try to claw its way to any opponent and attack. It becomes more difficult to hit a zombie as it looses its body parts in combat. If an adventurer hits an arm or a leg that has been removed in earlier combat, nothing will be hit. Zombies have a 10 \% chance of causing Tomb Rot and 35 % chance of causing infected wounds.

Basic Profile

The zombies here are to be used with a new set of rules for combat proposed by Carsten Schwartz and Kenneth Madsen These will be mailed soon.

Location of Wounds