Subject: [WFRP:311] Sulphur Ghosts

Sulphur Ghosts

by Ashley Southcott (

Sulphur Ghosts are rare elemental creatures related to Earth Elementals. Their commonest place of origin is in volcanoes and wizards summoning them (through the elemental spell Summon Elemental) usually do so at these sites. They are created in volcanic air-pockets which - once exposed to magic from a wizardly source, or perhaps a fragment of warpstone - become incarnate.

On those occasions they appear, they are usually summoned for a purpose - for example, to determine whether the volcano will shortly erupt, or the composition of it's lava (for mining purposes once the lava has cooled). Some wizards have further bound them into lumps of volcanic rock, or magically-strengthened bottles made from volcanic glass, so they may be taken away from the volcano for their own purposes.

Alignment : Neutral.

Physique :

	being magical creatures, their composition takes the form of a
	large cloud of sulphur dust (usually mixed with other dusts from the
	volcano's fissure).  Like other elementals they often take the approximate
	shape of the summoner - so a wizards might find his own face and torso
	mirrored by the Sulphur Ghost.  This 'airborne' form is not as stable as an
	Air Elemental's however, being closely linked with the earth, and unless
	magically stabilised they are unlikely to survive movement away from their
	volcanic environment.  Even when in their natural environment their must
	stay close to the ground, not moving more than 5' away from it.

They vary in size from 1 to 10; the profile below reflects the weakest Sulphur Ghost, and larger ones should have these stats multiplied by the appropriate size.

Psychology :
	generally indifferent (they don't have much to do with material
	creatures) but spellcasters had better have a good reason for summoning
	one/a good binding spell to hand if they don't want to be attacked.

Sulphur Ghost (size 1) - profile

Special Rules :

	Sulphur Ghosts cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons;
	magical weapons of any type cause damage as normal.  Their gaseous form
	enables them to move through non-airtight structures such as shut doors, and
	all damage caused by Sulphur Ghosts ignores armour.

Like fire elementals, they can gain control (to an extent) over fire, causing minor ones to start (as in the Petty Magic spell Magic Flame) and (if they are of size 5+) large fires, e.g. small lava pools or bonfires - to explode. But their favourite mode of attack is to envelope attackers in their sulphuric form and asphyxiate them.