Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1993 04:25:37 -0600
From: Patryk Adamski <>
Subject: Norsca Adventures

> Has anybody set any adventures up in Norsca?

One of the most important things is that weres are accepted there, as they are good warriors, which is fairly strange, because they are not immune to nonmagical weapons, during the round they change it's very easy to kill them (prone target), almost uncontrollable they cannot change themselves before combat, animals are fairly weak compared to players. I remember as 5 wolves killed our party in MERP-such thing is not possible in WFRP as a Wizard character has the same or equal WS, bigger or the same S, T, W.

Possible creatures encountered :

	Giants, Trolls, Wolves, Berserkers, Ulfwerners (ie were-warriors),
	Slaves, Vikings, Dwarfs, Chaos Warrior bands, Dark Elves fleet.

Weather :

	Storms, Rains, Blizzards. Seldom seen clear sky. Lots of clouds.
	Easy to get a cold, freeze.

Terrain :

	Rocks mixed with dense Spruce Forest. Strange ruins.
	Warped places. Sometimes strange insects, plants seen.

Villains :

	Drachenfels, Chaos Sorcerors, Chaos Champions,
	Greedy Vikings, Women in need of romance (jealous husband),

In my Norsca campaign I'm going to use one of Polish monsters-Strzyga. If you want to pronounce it say 'SS-tsh-i-hghah'.Name could be translated as Cutteress-She, Who Cuts/Slices/Bites Off.

Cutteress, Undead



	Naked woman with long filthy hair, about 6 inches
        long talons (35% Infected Wounds) instead of fingers
        and toes, great maw that starts at her ears.
        Often covered with scales.
	Girls who died due to evil enchantment. Filled with lust
        of warm blood they live by drinking it from hearts torn out of
        their victims. Often like to scare the hell out of people
        before killing them.

Alignment: Evil or Neutral.

Special Rules:

	Scale Sheer Surface Skill, Street Fighter,
        active only in darkness, though light does not hurt them.
        May jump up to 10 yards without any test needed ever.
	Grab and Slash (victim is prone) (2). Jump on victim,
        Slash, Jump (3). Tear at Enemy with Feet, Palms, Maw (5).
        Regenerates at the rate of 1W per 3 rounds.
        To be killed her heart must be destroyed. Decapitating will
        cause Cutteress to spend D4 hours regenerating.
        As  vampire she's afraid of water and may be held at bay
        by religious token.
        Causes Fear in all living creatures. Not immune to Fear
        caused by other beings.
Favourite method of attack:
	wait for unwary, use (2) if traveller
        alone, (3) if in group, (5) if cornered.