Demonic creature: the Poddington

The Poddington is a large (1m diameter) pea covered with various shapes and sizes of eyes and mouths. It attacks by rolling at its opponents (it has no arms or legs) and biting as it rolls past (or over) them! The name comes from the Poddington Peas cartoon, BTW...


 *=moves by rolling  **=1 'squash' attack and 1 bite per round

Lesser demon: the Orange Horror

Orange Horrors are large (about 4 ft tall) carrots with arms and legs and a shock of wild green hair. They *never* talk, but only ever nod, shake their head or shrug their shoulders. Not that they actually have what you could call separate head or shoulders sections to their bodies, but they do things that the PCs somehow perceive as this - perhaps they actually do it telepathically... Their favourite weapons are the sharpened carrots known as BabyCarrots (TM) which function as magical daggers and throwing knives.


Greater demon: the Tuberuber

Tuberubers appear as large jacket potatoes, about 7 ft tall, with muscular root-like protuberances for arms and legs. They favour the Tuber Whip* as a weapon and are subject to Terror of Chip Fat (:o]).


* The Tuber Whip (I suppose it should better be called a Root Whip, but that doesn't seem to have the same ring to it) is a magical weapon otherwise like a normal whip except for the double damage that it causes. Tuber Whips appear to be made out of the same root-like stuff the Tuberubers arms and legs are made of.

Demonic steed: the Venus Mantrap

This vile creature is a large, mobile, Venus Flytrap, complete with more teeth that the entire Osmond family (anyone spot which well known comedy I 'borrowed' that from?). Branches of its thick stem are specialised to function as quafdropedal legs. The demon will snap at any creature within range without the distinctive magical aura of demons of Quorn, and once it has bit it will not let go until the thing is dead (auto 1W per round due to digestive juices produced) or frees itself (test on half Strength each round, success=free, failure=D6 extra W's inflicted by the teeth holding the victim in place). While holding a victim the Venus Mantrap can attack others with it's movement limbs and other free stem bits - treat as a tail lash. Venus Mantraps are favourite mounts of Orange Horrors.


One point a few might raise is that Quorn is apparently anti-veg, but has demons looking like them. What I say is who can predict the ways of chaos? Besides, these demons sparked a psychological reaction in one PC making him a vegetarian (the players' idea and one I saw no reason to not grant - the player doesn't know that's what Quorn wants...).

Well, that's it. Sorry about the silly content, but my campaign gets attacks of silliness from time to time - it helps to break the potential monotony of constantly fighting chaos beasties 'n things and laugh at them for a change... :o] Feel free to use or abuse the Veggie demons (and indeed, Quuorn himself) as you wish and comments, as ever, are welcome (not that I'm hinting or anything...).

  Ian Ward
  The Merry Goblin of Sheffield