From: Mr D Eccles <>
Subject: WFRP: Mean, Green and Ugly

Mean Green and Ugly -
the improved ORC for WFRP

adapted by Hal 'ECHO' Eccles

Since GW vamped Orcs up for Warhammer I thought I'd share with you what I have done to bring the WFRP Orcs back into the fold.

Savage Orcs

Tribal orcs who are even more neolithic than their more common cousins.


Special Rules:

  1. Tribal Tattoos - all savage Orcs are adorned with tattoos, a their tribal custom dictates. All savage Orcs who do not wear body armour are protected by their faith that the tattoos are actually magical they provide 0/1 armour on all locations. (How about GO FASTA RED tattoos which give M+1 because the orcs think they will be able to run faster :-) )
  2. Frenzied Attack - savage Orcs are very, primitivley mad, Whooping and Screaming as they enter combat. Therefore they are subject to Frenzy as described on Page 68 of the WFRP rulebook.