From: Thomas Oesterlie <>
Subject: [WFRP:1386]


Lesser Daemon of The Horned Rat

Also known as:
Rat Horrors
Plague Bringers

Special Psychological Traits: Standard for Lesser Daemons


  • WFB: The Hornlings cast spells as Level 10 Wizards.
  • WFRP: Treat the Hornling as a level one daemonologist

    Special Rules: Any creature engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Hornlings, runs the risk of catching a disease. The creature must make a Toughness-test, or catch som sort of plague.

    Each creature within 5" (WFRP 10 yards) of the Hornling, must make a Toughness-test, because of the horrible stench of sewer and decay that protroudes from the it's body. If the test is successful, nothing happens. If the creature failed the test, the stench is so overwhelming that the poor creature will stop and cough uncontrollably until another Toughness-test, is made. The creature gets one try per round.

    The Hornling has 6 attacks, whereas 5 of them are claw or weapon attcks, and the last is either a bite attack or a gore attack.

    If a Hornling is armed, it is always armed with a long knife.

    Chaos Attributes: Hornlings may have up to 5 Chaos attributes. A unit of Hornlings may all have the same number and type og attributes if the player prefers.

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