Date: Tue, 19 Feb 91 10:07:09 +0000
To: wfrp <>
Subject: Death Sequel : Harbingers


These are the messengers of the Gods. They are the spirit form of that particular gods' minor demons, and one is assigned to each Cleric, to ensure that he/she doesn't step out of line, and to generally keep in touch with each of the deities representitives on the world. It is through harbingers that the clerics learn their spells, and gain spell points on a day to day basis.

At a particular time every day, usually at dawn or midnight ( depending upon the particular deity, it may be at any time ), the clerics Harbinger visits him/her. Depending on the behavior of the cleric during the past day, the harbinger bestows the clerics Magic Points for that day. In normal circumstances the cleric is allowed his/her normal allowance ( as rolled ), however if the cleric has been a little wayward, then some Magic Points may be withheld as a form of punishment.

In exceptional circumstances, when the cleric has done some great deed in the eyes of his/her harbinger, whether greatly benificial to, or greatly against the deities doctrine, the harbinger may be accompanied by a more senior member of the pantheon ( usually a major demon ). It is this demon who rewards the cleric or mets out the punishment that he/she deserves.

When asking for spells ( spending Experience Points ), the clerics harbinger appears, to grant them, or deny them, according to its instructions. However harbingers may only grant Petty Magic and First Level spells. For higher levels, the harbinger must again be accompanied by a major demonso that the major demon may bestow the spell. This reliance on major demons for higher level spells means that occationally a cleric, upon reaching Fourth Rank, has his/her harbinger replaced by a major demon.

At the appropriate level, all clerics gain the ability to cast a "Summon Demon" spell. However only the clerics harbinger will appear, and will ( usually ) be friendly, with no need to control. The MP cost, casting time, etc is all the same as listed under the appropriate spell heading.