From: Gregory Jay Scott <>
Subject: [WFRP:1393] misc

Neutral demon

Groke(From a silly kids' series of books)

Alignment: Neutral ( only desire warmth and to be alone)

The groke ( for it is not known if there is more than one ) is mistakenly called the demon of cold, or frost demon. It is VERY rare. It has huge long nose extending approxiamately to its belly button, it's arms extand to the ground. Its hieght is about 5 feet and it is so heavily built that it is nearly that wide. It only appears when a damonologist for some reason halts in the middle of casting a summoning spell meant to bind a demon. As far as can be told it enters this plain cautiously and of its own will. It is not known if it can even speak. It usually avoids travelers and large towns. It will approach fires, beings of fire or thatt breath fire and lone buildings with fires burning in them. It can sense fire the larger the farther away it can sense it. A camp fire can be sensed from about a mile. While not aggresive it is dangerous since it is intensly cold. Any one touching it with there full palm and fingers takes a strenght 4 wound each round, A strenght check with a bonus of 20 is needed to pull the hand away ( as the skin will have frozen to the Groke). This will leave some flesh behind unless the toucher has taken 25% or more of his total max wounds in frost bite or is wearing gloves or gaultlets. This pull away damage is a strenght 5 hit. If the more than 25% of total wounds was taken previously then no more damage is taken when pulling away, however the frozen hand breaks off at the wrist. Based on the surface area of contract modify the strenght of the damage per turn and pull away damage, and the check needed to pull away. Beings of fire (I.e. Fire elementals, Balruhk's) require no check to pull away but the amount of damage is doubled. If no walls or people bar its way it will sit it any availible fire ,extinguishing the fire (its main goal in life is to get warm, a sadly impossible task.) If provoked it will try to run and failing that will attack. Its hits could as the target touching it instead of causing regular damage. It never takes damage from fire.

It leaves a trail of lifeless frost where goes (it has no legs as such and glides across solid ground.) If it sits in one place for an hour or more nothing will ever grow there again unless, a druid casts a modified tanglethorn or other plant type life giving spell on the patch of ground. this spell does not produce its normal effect, it only makes the groung capable of supporting growth again. It crosses bodies of water by standing on the shore or bank and letting the cold it radiates freeze a peice of water large enough for it to stand on in front of it then move forward and repeats the process.


Not normally unstable but does not bestow this on other creatures.
otherwise normal for demon.
Its attacks count as magical.
It casts no spells.