The Gegon Fly

By Noel Welsh (

Found in the marshes around Miragliano, as well other bogs and swamps around the Old World, the gegon fly is a large, deep blue fly. It has an annoying bite, is usually harmless. However, during Summer, the fly swells up with parasitic eggs which it will attempt to lay in any living or dead creature it comes across. The eggs have a 2 week gestation period, during which the flesh around them will swell to a scabby growth about half a centimetre in diameter. After two weeks, a young fly will emerge from the wound. The eggs are usually only mildly irritating, and can be cut or burnt off. However, the gegon fly preferrs damp places to lay its eggs. This can lead to eggs being laid around the eyeball or in the *ahem* private places. As should be expected, sores in these areas can get very irritating. It is not unknown for men to go mad from the constant irritation when they have a gegon fly bite on the eye lid.


*When in the air, flys as a swooper


          Roughly a centimetre in length, the gegon fly has a dark
          blue abdomen, and flys with a distinctive buzz.

Psychological Traits

          Too stupid to be affected by psychology.

Special Rules

          Sores have a 10% chance of becoming infected.
          Sores in delicate places result in a -5 to WS, BS, Cl and WP
          due to the constant irritation.