From Thu Oct 20 10:28:19 1994
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 13:33:26 +1000 (EST)
From: Aaron Pile <>
To: donna viveiro <>
Subject: Gargoyles

The Gargoyle

By Colin Taber
Australian REALMS, issue 13, P26
Transcribed by Cashua

The gargoyle was ommitted from the WFRP rule book, which is surprising when its gothic origins are considered. To rectify this, and as the gargoyle features prominently in future installments of Realm's Unae material I present this game information for WFRP.

Gargoyles live in nests, occasionally isolated but usually very crowded and often found in ruins. Such an example are the Hives of Kalraith. These communities amount to nothing less than cities, and while individually gargoyles display only minimal intelligence they have a very good understanding of their power as a group.

Gargoyles attack in swarms. The average creature is tough and dangerous, but not unbeatable. It is when they attack in waves with perhaps scores or hundreds of fellows that they become nearly invincible. The chance of having a second attack to deliver a killing blow on a particular gargoyle are not worth considering when they are in such wave formations. Attacking with raking claws, a bite and their fellows, they are truly to be feared. Whether in the Reiklands of the Warhammer world or the northern plains of Kalraith or fletland in Unae.

Basic Profile