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Subject: Draka in the WFRP universe: New mutant race!
Note: This is strongly based on S.M. Stirling's excellent _Draka_ series of science fiction novels, particularly the super-race described in _The Stone Dogs_ and _Drakon._ I've modified them for WFRP use purely for GM's individual use; nothing in here is intended to challenge any of Stirling's copyrights, and it is not being done for money.

Draka in WFRP:

There are two possibilities as to the origins of the Draka. One of them is that they are the result of a generations-long experiment by _somebody_ (Constant Drachenfels and the Slann are two excellent candidates) mixing human, dwarven, elven and other races' seed, and using _very controlled_ warpstone, to create the ultimate warrior race. However, the Draka rebelled, left and set out to take over the Old World.

The other possibility is that they fell through a warp-gate from the world where they originated (cf. _Drakon_), and set out to conquer the Old World, jump-start its technology, and call home. This version has a possiblity of any given Draka having an heirloom high-tech hand-weapon, doing damage as per the _Fireball_ or _Lightning Bolt_ spell.


Inherent skills: All Draka have Acute Hearing, Ambidextrous, Excellent Vision, Fleet-Footed, Immunity to Disease/Poison, Lightning Reflexes, Orientation, Sixth Sense, and Very Resilient.

Acquired Skills: Any given Draka will be very likely to have Acrobatics, Dance, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Escapology, Flee! Hypnotise, Juggle, Lip Reading, Marksmanship, Read/Write, Seduction, Silent Move (Urban and Rural), Street Fighter, Strike (all), and Wrestling.

Speak: Old Worlder
Night Vision: 30 yards
Alignment: Neutral/Evil
Height: 5'10 + d3 inches
Lifespan: 250 years

Appearance: Tall, handsome, high-cheekboned, rather slanty eyes. In general, they can easily pass for humans, but have a slightly elven cast of feature suggesting indiscretions by their ancestresses.

Psychology: Great intra-racial solidarity. Very strong drive to subordinate or exterminate all other intelligent races. Extreme pragmatism as to methods used. Hedonistic about all pleasures, but not prone to letting pleasures take over their lives.

Although they move freely among humans, Draka are, and see themselves, as a separate and much better breed. They have some specialized abilities that make raising themselves to positions of dominance over the other races very easy. One of these is their use of pheromones. Any character interacting with a Draka using pheromonal control must make a WP roll (+5 for elves, +10 if the character is aware that the Draka is playing games with his head, cumulative) to avoid falling under the Draka's control. Characters failing this roll will do anything the Draka says (orders to do something plainly suicidal will trigger a WP roll at +5 to shake off the control) and characters repeatedly exposed (continuously over a period of d10 days) or those failing critically on their WP rolls will become the Draka's willing slaves, obeying all orders without question.

Draka are physically different from all other races; a "standby" heart ready to take over if the main one's damaged, incredible resistance to injury, blood that clots almost instantly in the event of injury, flanges on their bones to increase the pulling power of their muscles on those bones, and so on. Any Physician or cleric of Shallya or Verena doing a post-mortem on a Draka could find enough oddities to make him the hit of the next Physicians' Guild or cult meeting. The Draka themselves are quite aware of this, and take precautions to keep their corpses out of the hands of such people.

The Draka are all members of a conspiracy to take over the Old World, and then the entire Warhammer World. Even though they are widely scattered, they can recognize each other instantly, and will help even a Draka they are feuding with, if the opponent is a non-Draka.

Draka are able to consume any pleasure-drug, including alcohol, without becoming addicted; similarly, they are as sexually hedonistic as worshippers of Slaanesh, without ever letting it control them. Although they are only fertile with one another, they have no inhibitions about sampling the favours of the "lesser" races.

With their long lifespans and skills, Draka find rising in society easier than ordinary folk. Many Draka have become nobles in their own right, with estates, in the Old World. Their influence is impalpable, but very real.

The main weakness the Draka have is that they are _completely unable_ to acquire Magic Points, or cast spells. This prevents them from being any sort of wizards, or clerics. (Since they only worship themselves and their own race, no Draka could become a cleric even if they could cast spells). Although they are trying to breed a Draka that can cast spells, until they do, they will continue to need their human puppets.

(This race is presented as NPC opponents that are designed to give a PC party a _very_ bad time. Operating from behind the scenes, a Draka could be just as frightening an opponent as a Chaos sorcerer, and much harder to spot than a vampire.)

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