RE: Conversion of the WFB Dragon Ogre to WFRP
From: Aldred the GM

Dragon Ogres

Dragon Ogres are chaos creatures not wholly unlike the Centaur.
Dragon Ogres sport six limbs: two massively muscled arms on their chiseled upper torso, (formed much like that of a large Ogre) and four scaled, reptilian legs on their 'dragon-esque' lower bodies. With their arms, a Dragon Ogre may fashion both armor and weapons. Dragon Ogres have long, scaly tails in the manner of Dragons , as well.

It is thought that Dragon Ogres spend ages asleep, and that the only thing that can awaken one is lightning and thunder. Legend has it, that Dragon Ogres can actually 'feed' on lightning to restore their strength. Common mythology states, that at the end of the world, Krakanroc the Black (Grand-Sire of all Dragon Ogre kind) will awaken as the earth is sundered by thunder and lightning.

FEAR: Dragon Ogres cause fear in creatures under 10' tall.

SKIN ARMOR: Because of their thick scaly hide and tough skin, Dragon Ogres have +1 AP on each hit location in addition to any armor they may be wearing.

LIGHTNING: Dragon Ogres are subject to frenzy if struck by lightning in any form (magic or naturally occuring). Further, they can't be damaged by lightning strikes of any type. This includes the breath of Blue Dragons.

Young Dragon Ogre

Adolescent Dragon Ogre

Mature Dragon Ogre

Elder Dragon Ogre

All advance schemes above, represent the average Dragon Ogre for each age group....

*low I score indicative of the torpid, almost 'crocadilian' nature of the beast.