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Subject: WFRP: Chaos Assassins - the hunters of Chaos (And Darkclaws...)

CHAOS ASASSINS - The Hunters of Chaos


The Chaos Assassins (Assins) are greater Daemons, created by Khorne for the sole purpose of hunting down and killing his mortal enemies. Each assin is formed with a single, specific target. When the target is no more, by the daemon's hand or otherwise, the Assin fades into nothingness and effectivly dies. It is unknow how the Assins are created, though it seems likely that they were once Chaos Spawn.

An Assin's True Form is that of a dark, shadow-like humanoid, man-sized, with two extra mouths instead of eyes. However, it is only the unfortunate who ever see this. To pass through civilized areas un-noticed, teh Assins possess any creature with an Int over 13. It actually 'Melds' with it's host, having partial access to it's memories and skills. See below for details.

Special Rules:

Melding/merging - Daemon7s profile and that of it's host are averaged, rounding up, except for INT which stays at daemons, and W and I, which become the Host's. May attempt to Murge with any living creature with INT 14+, however, if it's INT is over 24, it gets to make a WP test. If successfull, then the Daemon cannot possess the intended Victim. (It tends to just kill it, instead...). Clerics can NEVER be possessed, and anybody with at least 2 spells makes their WP test at 2xWP.

Splitting - Assins most vulnerable time. Host's body bubbles and melts away, with an amonia-like smell, leaving the Assin in True Form. This process lasts D3+1 rounds, during which time the Assin is prone, and can be damaged with normal Weapons.

In host, daemon can be wounded by normal weapons. If the host has under 3 wounds, the Assin is forced to split with it. In it's true form, it regains however many wounds it had when it first possessed the Host.

Assins can sing their 'Song of Sleep' once per day. All creatures with int 14+, including undead and daemons, must make WP tests, or fall asleep for D3 Turns (Minutes). Victims are unable to be woken by normal means.

Wall Walk - Assins can climb and walk on walls and ceilings as if unaffected by Gravity.

Sighting - can see other Assins who are travelling in Hosts for what they really are.

Weaponry - can use ANY weapon, including Specialist weapons and bare hands, without any penalty. Double all ranges for missile weapons.

Song of Sleep is used to render Targets unconcious. The Assin then embracess them, tenderly, and slowly presses it's face (In True Form) to it's target's face. Carefully, almost lovingly, it will simultaniously bite out the target's tongue and suck out it's eyes, with the Assin's 3 mouths. Venom drips into the eye sockets and kills the target. Assin leaves no blood. The Target feels no pain. The Assin then steps away from it's now deceased target, and fades to nothingness, dying.

Assins will kill all who get in their way, with whatever weapons are to kand, but will ONLY kill it's target as described. If this is not possible, Assiin will leave and return at another time. They are infinately patient.

GOING ROGUE - Not all assins seem to be perfectly created. Whilst most do not have personalities or any desires beyond slaying their target, a small handfull (About 3%) have developed a will to live. (Exist ?)Instead of killing their target, they murge with them - this can ONLY be done if the Target is willing. In these rare cases a new, 3rd personality is created - a true melding of the Assin and it's host.

The profile is that of the Target, but it slowly changes to that of the Assin (+10/+1 to 2 charas per month, at random (Or, in the case of a PC, at the cost of 100 EPs...)). This entity has Wall-walk, sighting and weaponry abilities, but the Song of Sleep is only available once at least 5 of the characteristics are those of the Assin.

The Assin is now forever imprisioned in this body. Once IT dies, the Assin dies.
Rogues are Hated by other assins, who will kill them on sight. Indeed, many are created with a rogue as their target.

ASSINS are not subject to instability whilst in a host.