Dragon Ogres

Dragon Ogres are incredibly ancient creatures, some say as old as the dragons themselves. Legends persist of creatures who are half-dragon and half-ogre that battle each other for supremacy. These myths are strongest in the east of Kislev where mule skinners or miners wile away the dark, cold evenings with stories about how the thunder raging across the heavens is actually made by Dragon Ogres locked in a duel to the death and how the flashes of lightning are the sparks from the clash of their mighty weapons. Stories like this are practically unheard of further west where local myths predominate or the educated explain the fact that thunder storms are a product of the elements rather than supernatural monsters.

When it is very cold and storms assail the mountains of the Goromadny, the sleeping Dragon Ogres stir from their slumbers. Each clap of thunder awakens a beast. The loudest thunderclap rouses the largest of their kind. As the lightning bolts rain down upon the mountain peaks and split them apart the Dragon Ogres fight each other for the right to be alone on the mountain's peak. There one mighty beast catches the attention of the Chaos Powers themselves, and chosen by one to be its Champion of Death.

- from Kislevite myth.

No mortal has ever seen a Dragon Ogre, or at least seen one and lived. It is claimed they have the long, scaly reptilian bodies of a dragon and the upper body of an Ogre. Many Kislevite myths tell of Dragon Ogres of gigantic proportions; the Shaggoth and Sharunock are said to be the most ancient and largest of all the species. Moreover, Dragon Ogres are said to be immortal and that they sleep for centuries, millennia even, in the deepest corners of the world. It is claimed that one day, when the end of the world is nigh, that the Sire of all Dragon Ogres, Krakanrok the Black, will awake from his ten thousand year slumber and claim the world as his own. Krakanrok the Black is said to be as large as a small mountain, whose very clawed steps cause earthquakes.

The profile given here is for a typical Dragon Ogre (12 feet tall and 30 feet long including tail length). At the GM's discretion: a Sharunock is the equivalent of a Minor Hero and a Shaggoth is the equivalent of a Major Hero (see WFRP page 214 for both types.) Other lesser types include the Shartak, Garthor, and Darkoth.

Basic Profile

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
6 50 18 6 5 28 30 4 10 29 14 29 29 10

Special Rules: Dragon Ogres cause fear in living creatures under ten feet tall; Dragon Ogres are invulnerable to lightning, including the Lightning Bolt spell, and should they be struck by one they must pass a Cool test or become frenzied; Dragon Ogres have a natural scaly hide and therefore have 1 AP on all locations, save for the head and arms, which are usually protected by a helmet and pieces of armour; Dragon Ogres attack with a combination of weapon attacks, stomps, bite and tail lash.