Dragon & Daemon Slayers

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A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Look at Troll, Giant, Dragon, and Daemon Slayers in Dwarven Society

The lonely hilltop outpost was surrounded. A combined force of ten Black Orcs and sixty Orc Boyz was visible to the besieged Dwarven force within. There had been more several days earlier, but the ten Dwarves' crossbow bolts had whittled away at the Greenskins. Unfortunately, their supply of bolts had been nearly depleted and neither word nor sight of a relief force had come.

"Bloody Greenies! Wonder what's taking them so long to decide how to die? Sooner or later they'll run out of patience and try to storm us, eh Sergeant?"

"Rather anxious to join your ancestors in the Hall of Warriors, are you Brokk?" replied Sergeant Durak.

"The way I see it, the sky is clear and the day warm. What better way to meet our clan's ancestors than entering the Hall with at least six Orc heads adorning my belt."

"By my reckoning, you better plan on more than six. After all, one of us needs to finish the fight standing. How else will songs of our deeds be... eh? What are those green scum doing now? By Grungni's beard! The bleeding slime are bringing up a battering ram! Brokk, sound the alarm! The waiting is over!"

The outnumbered Dwarves fired their remaining bolts with minimal effect at the attacking Orcs. Ten Orcs fell as the Dwarves depleted their supply of missiles. The bolted outpost doors began to moan under the pounding of the battering ram. Grimly, the Dwarves readied themselves for the coming onslaught, dedicating themselves to the honor of their clan and ancestors. After what seemed an eternity, the thick, oaken doors gave way and Orcs rushed in to meet the anxious defenders. The Dwarves fought valiantly, killing two Black Orcs and six Orc Boyz in mere moments. Unfortunately, two of their own were felled in the action. The battle was clearly not turning in the Dwarves' favor.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling, hideous scream rent the air. It came from the other side of the now broken outpost doors. The two eternal antagonists halted their fight and turned to see from what creature's throat was such a sound produced. Amid the broken doors, stood a froth-mouthed, wild-eyed, heavily tattooed Dwarf with fat-spiked, orange-dyed hair. As Durak studied the Dwarf he noted a large double-edged waraxe and heavy, seemingly ritualized, scarring over the Dwarf's body and face. Some of these scars looked as though they were produced by a large clawed beast.

"By Grungni's bloody bones" was all Durak could mutter as the crazed Dwarf hurdled himself at the Orcs. The fight was short, frenzied, and bloody. In moments, the Black Orcs and Orc Boyz were hacked beyond recognition. The gore-covered Dwarf stood still then and stared wildly at the perspiring Durak. After a moment of surveying death incarnate, Durak thought he saw a glimmer of recognition, an observance of kinship, in the eyes of the scarred and tattooed Dwarf. With the brief observation, the lone Dwarf turned on his heels and departed without a word.

"By our clan ancestors, Sergeant, I never saw a Giant Slayer fight so viciously and with such speed! It bloody well seemed as if he were possessed by a Daemon!" sputtered Brokk, still somewhat stunned and in awe of what his eyes just beheld.

"That was not a Giant Slayer, Brokk," replied Durak with a hint of reverence in his voice. "When my eyes first beheld him, I recognized the ritual scarring which would mark him as a legendary Dragon Slayer. I had thought that none still existed until now. But the ferocity of his attack and the mutilation of the Greenskins is more than anything I ever heard attributed to Dragon Slayers. The only thing that fits is a mythical Daemon Slayer. Until now, I had thought that type of Dwarf only existed as a figment of the clan elder's tales. Those stories would mark that Dwarf as a Daemon Slayer."


Becoming a Troll Slayer is not a career willing entered by Dwarves. The Dwarven psyche, emphasizing honor and reputation, prohibits any Dwarf from entering this career as a normal exit from any other career. Troll Slaying is not so much a choice as it is an atonement. If a Dwarf commits an act so dishonorable that he is disgraced, humiliated, or his clan disowns him and the only redemption is an honorable death against overwhelming odds. Such acts might include, but would not be limited to, failing on watch at an outpost (allowing a murderous enemy to slip through undetected), committing a serious crime (burglary, murder, etc.) against one's own clan, and continued cowardly acts when faced with an enemy of the clan.

Shamed in the eyes of Grungni and the clan's ancestors, dishonored Dwarves join the ancient cult of Throrin the Slayer. They cover their bodies with ritualistic tattoos (including Throrin's rune), dye their hair orange, spike it with animal fat, and become a Troll Slayer. These are the Troll Slayers most familiar to Human Society.

In some cases, new Troll Slayers leave their clan to wander to embattled and besieged Dwarfholds. There they redeem themselves by joining other Troll Slayers to form battle units for the hold's army (such as the Troll Slayer warrior castes of Karaz-a-Karak). Most, however, wander alone or with groups of adventurers seeking honor by hunting the most ferocious of beasts. The prey of choice, naturally, are Trolls due to the near certainty of death for the Dwarf. Of course, Troll Slayers would never pass up combat with other foes, especially when the odds are greater than seven to one.

As exiles from their clan, Troll Slayers suffer from periodic bouts of severe depression. The result is a tendency for Troll Slayers to indulge in frequent bouts of overeating, fasting, alcohol and stimulants. They also spend a great deal of time boasting of their exploits and showing off their numerous scars. Troll Slayers wear exotic jewelry such as earrings and nose plugs. Inquiries into their past (especially regarding the circumstance that brought them to Slaying) usually result in an uncontrollable rage which could erupt into a bloodlust.

Dwarves, even those who live in Human settlements instead of the mountain Dwarfholds, respect the clanless Troll Slayers' drive to redeem their honor. In contrast, Troll Slayers avoid other Dwarves; it reminds them too much of their clanless state, their disgrace and dishonor. Dwarven adventurers and Troll Slayers interact with a level of deference and will travel together so long as there are others (i.e., Humans) in the group to provide some separation between the two types of Dwarves. After all, wherever Dwarven adventurers or Troll Slayers travel, danger is sure to rear its head.

Should a Troll Slayer have the misfortune of surviving combat, they may become a Giant Slayer. At this point, the Giant Slayer may journey into the Dwarfholds to join combat units of like Dwarves (such as the Giant Slayer warrior castes of Karaz-a-Karak), but many continue their quest, alone or with groups of adventurers. Unable to meet a dignified death, the now Giant Slayer's shame is increased. They suffer more mood swings, bouts of depression and melancholy than Troll Slayers. This makes the Giant Slayer more vulnerable to dependency upon alcohol and stimulants.

Giant Slayers have set their sights on larger, more dangerous prey. Hence, their appellation. Of course, these clanless Dwarves never pass up an opportunity to find a death against overwhelming odds that would redeem their honor and reputation. Dwarves in this career rarely survive their death quest.

Survivors find that their tenuous hold on sanity is now stretched beyond their ability to cope.


Dwarves who survive their careers as Giant Slayers become convinced of one thing; their disgrace is so heinous that honorable death is denied them. To atone for their failure and ever-increasing shame these Dwarves engage in a ritual that involves self-inflicted scarring. The pattern of these scars are as individualistic as the Dwarves themselves. This ritualized scarring and the impact of their failure takes a toll on all Giant Slayers' psyches. At this time, they become Dragon Slayers.

So rare are Dragon Slayers that the cult was thought to be extinct. In fact, very few exist and they usually venture alone, away from any civilization. Those in Dwarfholds leave the relative safety to wander the World in their quest. Due to the burden of their humiliation, Dragon Slayers shun any and all Dwarves, except in the most extreme of situations. Usually, only the most reckless and danger seeking of Humans are suitable companions for the Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayers frequent mountains, swamps, and other remote wilderness areas. Basically, anywhere their favorite prey, Dragons, are known to lair.

It is very rare that Dragon Slayers survive the wilderness and its dangers. Those very few Dragon Slayers that survive are further unhinged and become the mythical Daemon Slayers. If they haven't already, it is at this point that these Dwarves disappear from all knowledge of their race. The far north, namely the Chaos Wastes, calls the Daemon Slayer like a siren to a ship's captain.

Daemon Slayers seem to have a sense where Daemons can be found. Some Daemon Slayers have been rumored to have located isolated holds of Daemonologists and Chaos wizards and raze them to the ground. Of course, they usually eliminate the main occupant and any servants, natural and otherwise, of the hold first. The Daemon Slayer also hunts the most dangerous creatures of Chaos.

The Daemon Slayers' mind is so enveloped in madness that only in the remote corner of their mind will they recognize any kinship with other Dwarves. Thus, Daemon Slayers do not feel the need to shun other Dwarves. At times Troll, Giant, and even Dragon Slayers will join a Daemon Slayer even into the Chaos Wastes to seek their elusive goal. This is usually a guaranteed method to find the death sought by all Slayers.


Description: For those unfortunate Giant Slayers who survived encounters with Giants or other dangerous foes in unequal combat, another level of creature exists to deliver unto these clanless Dwarves the death they seek: Dragons. As in their earlier careers of Troll Slayers and Giant Slayers, Dragon Slayers retain the customary bright orange dye in their hair with animal fat rubbed in to make it stiff and spiky. They also retain their outrageous tastes in jewelry and tattoos. To this they add ritual scarring, usually resembling claw marks racked across the chest, face, and arms. Dragon Slayers single-mindedly search for their unusual quarry, tracking any wild rumor to find their lair. Dragon Slayers automatically receive D3 insanity points upon entering this career.

 M   WS   BS   S   T   W    I   A   Dex  Ld   Int  Cl   WP   Fel
 --  +40  ---  +3  +3  +8  +30  +3  +20  ---  ---  +30  +10  ---

Consume Alcohol
Follow Trail
Frenzied Attack
Immunity to Fear*
Immunity to Poison
     * New skill described below    

Two- Handed Axe
Two-Handed Flail
Two-Handed Sword
Mail Shirt
Ritual Scarring

Career Entries:
Giant Slayer

Career Exits:
Daemon Slayer


Description: Few Dragon Slayers survive encounters with Dragons or their kin. Those that do survive become despondent fearing no redemption of their lost honor. To these outcasts, only one last foe remains: Daemons. Although rarely encountered, Daemon Slayers are often found on the fringe of the Chaos Wastes. They can also be found wherever Daemonologists and Chaos sorcerers are known to frequent. Daemon Slayers are similar in appearance to Dragon Slayers, but a little more unhinged. Due to their new quarry, Daemon Slayers automatically receive D6 insanity points..

 M   WS   BS   S   T   W    I   A   Dex  Ld   Int  Cl   WP   Fel
 --  +40  ---  +4  +3  +8  +40  +3  +30  ---  +10  +30  +30  ---

Daemon Lore
Immunity to Disease
Immunity to Terror*
     * New skill described below.

Two-Handed Axe
Two-Handed Flail
Two-Handed Sword
Mail Shirt
Ritual Scarring

Career Entries:
Dragon Slayer

Career Exits:


Immunity to Fear: This skill results from a character having extensive experience with highly stressful situations and developing high resistance to them. They gain a +10% modifier to all Fear tests.

Immunity to Terror: This skill results from a character having vast experience with extremely stressful situations and having developed a strong resistance. They gain a +20% modifier to all Fear tests and +10% modifier to all Terror tests. In addition, any failed Terror test has the same results as a failed Fear test with one exception: the character still receives one insanity point.


In addition to the normal Dwarven psychological traits (hatred towards goblinoids and animosity towards Elves) Dragon and Daemon Slayers are subject to hatred towards their respective present and past quarries (i.e., Dragon Slayers hate Trolls, Giants, and Dragons).

THRORIN THE SLAYER -Ancestor of Dwarven Slayers

Description: Throrin was a renowned warlord around the time Karaz-a-Karak was established as Imperial Dwarven capital (3,000 years before the time of Sigmar). For some long forgotten reason, Throrin was dishonored and disgraced. Unwittingly, he established the ritual which future dishonored Dwarves would follow and became the first Troll Slayer.

After surviving as a Troll Slayer, Throrin set his sights on larger prey and thus became a Giant Slayer. Again, honorable death was elusive. As a penance, Throrin established the scarring ritual which would launch all future Dragon and Daemon Slayers. He inflicted wounds upon himself and set his sights on still deadlier prey.

Thus, he ventured forward as the first Dragon Slayer. After he destroyed the marauding Dragon, Glammendring, Throrin gathered a host of Troll and Giant Slayers. Many Dwarves had been disgraced during the wars which established Dwarfholds and mines in the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Throrin led them to the Chaos Wastes where he hoped to find death. According to legend, Throrin led his dwindling host through the Chaos Wastes for many years, slaughtering whatever Chaos warbands they chanced upon. Finally, Throrin, now Daemon Slayer, and his remaining warband located the Daemonic Prince Kragen'ome'nanthal, scion of Khorne. Legend has it that a titanic battle ensued. It went on for three days. In the end, collapsing and bleeding from many wounds, Throrin landed a killing blow on Kragen'ome'nanthal, thereby incurring the wrath of Khorne.

As he raised his double-bladed axe in defiance of the newly arrived and oncoming Khornate horde, Throrin was set upon his feet by none other than Grungni. The Dwarven God bade the remaining Troll and Giant Slayers to depart the Chaos Wastes in honor of Throrin the Slayer with their own honor restored. Both Grungni and Throrin then waded into the horde, slaying all in their path. The restored Dwarves returned to their lands, reciting the tales and singing the praises of Grungni and Throrin the Slayer.

Throrin is known to be a large, muscular Dwarf with the tattoos, spiked orange hair, ritualized scarring, and wearing exotic jewelry typical of a Dragon or Daemon Slayer. He is normally clad in chain mail and armed with a double-bladed axe forged from Adamantine and named (in the Human tongue of Old Worlder) "Waraxe of Doom".

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Throrin's main symbol is that of a double-bladed axe. This also happens to be one of the favorite weapons of Dwarven Slayers.

Area of Worship: Throrin is worshipped by all Dwarven Slayers throughout the Old World. Otherwise, Throrin is honored by all other Dwarves, specially those in the Dwarfholds.

Temples: There are no temples dedicated to Throrin as there are no clerics to his cult. Instead, his followers privately honor him wherever they wander.

Friends and Enemies: The cult of Throrin is on friendly terms with all Dwarven ancestors, and especially with the cult of Grungni. It has little to do with other races, but is respectful to that of Sigmar (due to the honor Dwarves in general have for the human deliverer of their race). The cult is hostile to all enemies of the Dwarven race.

Holy Days: There are no festivals to Throrin.

Cult Requirements: The cult is only open to Dwarves who have found their disgrace such that honorable death is denied them.

Strictures: The only stricture of the cult is that all Dwarven Slayers must engage in any combat where the chances of honorable death are favorable, especially if against unfavorable odds. Any cowardice in the face of such combat further dishonors and disgraces the Slayer.

Spell Use: Throrin does not honor any of his followers with magical abilities. Only their combat skills matter.

Skills: Followers of Throrin are able to access those skills listed under their career descriptions.

Trials: Throrin does not ask of anything less of his followers other than redemption of their own honor. As this usually equates to their death, any other trial would not have a further effect.

Blessings: A temporary increase to Weapon Skill, Initiative, and Will Power are the most frequent blessings. Other blessings include automatic success on favorable skills such as Daemon Lore, Dodge Blow, Follow Trail, Frenzied Attack, Immunity to Poison, and Shadowing.

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