Orc Slayer

My little debut piece to the wfrp list.

One of our GM's used to work for GW on WFRP! Another has written quite a lot of stuff (campaign, careers etc) for the game, so I guess If I talk to him nicely he might join and share the info (I/we didn't know about the list).

I am rather fond of the vertically challenged races particuarly Gnomes & Halflings. Hence I have just introduced a Halfling Orc-slayer into my game see below, most people see this as pretty nutty, but why not? If its fun & promotes good roleplaying go for it.

Career Type: Warrior (Basic), *Halfling only*

Any Halfling aberrant enough to wish to embark on a career of adventuring is indeed a rarity. Occasionally such a Halfling gains employ in Dwarven communities as a tunnel fighter as the rewards for success are great.

Successful Halfling tunnel fighters usually at some time feel the need to gain the recognition of their peers in the Moot. Living halfling heros usually play down their adventurous lives (because it makes other halflings nervous) but ever since the invasion of the moot by Gorbad Ironclaw in 1709 any halfling who forgoes his snacks for a hard soldiering life to keep further orc and goblin invasions (or any of their allies) at bay is given great respect. They are quietly given places of honour and are invited out for lunches continually while they are staying in the moot. They are Truely Unsung Heroes.

By returning to the Moot, the home of all Halfling's and publicly accepting the `Stricture's of the Slayer' as laid down by the first and most famous Orc Slayer of all, Heronymus `Hero' Haleberry, the Halfling has taken the first step towards heroism in the eyes of the Halfling nation. Many have tried, most have failed. The price for failure is high, as the whole Halfling nation ridicules the poor unfortunate as a crackpot or worse, but for success fame and adulation amongst the Halfling nation.

 M   WS   BS   S   T   W    I   A   Dex  Ld   Int  Cl   WP   Fel
 --  +10  +10  +2  +1  +2  ---  +1  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  +30

Skills:                         Trappings:
Disarm                          Mail Shirt
Dodge Blow                      2H Sword
Specialist Weapon - 2H Sword
Follow Trail - Orc
Strike Mighty Blow
Halfling Feint* 

Career Exits:                   Career Entries:
Troll Slayer (?)                Tunnel Fighter only

Halfling Feint

This is a new Skill for Halfling's only. This skill is peculiar only to warrior Halflings

(peculiar indeed). The halfling feint allows the warrior to use his or her opponents preconceptions of halflings, ie that they cannot possibly fight proficiently! The halfling can against a single opponent (but not another halfling) in hand to hand melee `feint' successfully if an initiative test is made. If successful the halfling gains +10% WS for that round (all attacks in that round), indeed this feint may be made on subsequent rounds but the effective initiative is halved (for the purposes of the feint test only) for every subsequent attempt. Failure prevents further feints against that opponent as they have wised up!

From: Lee Coulbeck
Date: Fri Oct 21 04:02:54 CDT 1994