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Subject: Knights
Here is a list of new knightly orders I've been working on.

--==Knights of the Old World==--

part 1

-Knights of the Thundering Tempest-

The Knights of the Thundering Tempest are a warrior branch dedicated to Manaan. While Manaan's priests represent his will in different ways, his knights are only concerned with his wrath. They are notorious for their fearlessness, arrogance, temper, and a thirst for vengance. Few are a match for their ranks on land, and woe to those who face them at sea! This causes them to be feared and avoided by most who know of them.

However, they are (mostly) honorable individuals who grieve the reputation their order has. What most do not realize is they are required to uphold certain ideals which may be unpopular (vindictive anger and quick temper), as that is the way of the sea. They can be quite jovial outside their duties, almost seeming to be a different person. Despite their unpopularity, none save the dark cultists would see them leave, as they are stalwart defenders of many coastal communities, and will give their lives if the cause is just (in the eyes of Manaan).

The reason the Tempests (what they are called by many) dedicate themselves to Manaan is normally quite different then why others join the various other knighthoods. Many do not come from wealthy or noble families (although there are some), but from those who interact with the sea on a day-to-day basis. Regardless, all have a connection with the oceans, and out of a sense of payment (or punishment!) take up the life of a templar. The stories vary from individual to individual - some have had a close call with drowning and feel that they were spared, others hear the calling of the sea and understand it too well not to join. Whatever the reason, they dedicate their lives to Manaan, following his strictures fanatically.

Their symbol, normally worn on a tunic, is that of a whirpool in the air with bolts of forked lightning coming from it, on a dark blue-green background. Other symbols include a sea serpent entwined on a sword, a shark with its maw open, and a wave in the shape of a fist.

Enemies - those who do not show proper respect to the sea, raiders who attack coastal communities, dark elves (Tempests are bitter foes of these opponents who often sail the seas), and those who anger Manaan.

Locations - Their largest number is located in Marienburg, but can normally be found in any coastal communities.


The dour disposition of some Tempests have led some to compare them to the infamous Dwarven cult of Slayers...although not to either of the respective groups faces!! This, and the fact that many do not come from the upper ranks of society causes the other order of knights to look down upon them.

Social Class is = (c) C 4d4.

Career Entries : {REQUIRED - Must complete one sea-oriented career before becoming a Knight of the Thundering Tempest} Witch-Hunter, Sea Captain/Mate, Explorer, or Mercenary Capt.

Career Exits : Intiate, Witch-Hunter, Mercenary Captain, and Sea Captain.

Advance Scheme - as templar.

  • Disarm
  • Dodge Blow
  • Read/Write
  • Secret Language Battle Tounge
  • Secret Signs Templar
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Strike to Stun
  • Sailing
  • Specialist Weapon Net
  • Swim
  • Full leather armor & sleeved mail coat*
  • hand weapon (usually a trident)
  • religous symbol of Manaan
  • wooden shield.
* - the mail coat is normally only worn on land.

(The High Elves have an order also dedicated to Manaan: the Lothern Sea Guard. I have not elaborated on this order yet)

Adventure Suggestion

The players are contracted to bring in a fugitive by the local government. It turns out that the man is also wanted by the Knights of the Thundering Tempest for raiding a coastal town. The Tempest want him to suffer their wrath, and he might decide to surrender to the pcs for protection. This could lead to an unwanted battle.

Knights of the Golden Crest

Not all knightly orders are dedicated to the gods, or for that matter, anything of worth. The Knights of the Golden Crest represent only a wealthy boys club who fancy themselves warriors of reknown. Only nobility may join, and they must be asked by an order member (who is often bribed to let the individual join). Supposedly the Crests will only ask the best warriors who have proven themselves to join, but it practice an invalid could join with enough passed crowns.

This was not always the case however. Indeed, the order has a long history of heroic battles and accounted themselves well in the incursions of chaos that have plauged the Empire. At the palace in Altdorf lay the many banners of their fallen enemies. The last time the order engaged in an actual combat (without retainers and mercenaries behind them) was well over forty years ago, in a skirmish against the Tzeentch cult Changers of Fate, which cost many of their number. Since then, the order has mainly kept of the field of battle and stuck to tourneys and jousts. Why the change? (see adventure ideas). The cause is probably lost to history.

Whatever the order lost in physical ability, they gained more power and wealth, becoming a strong political voice. Add to this it is seen to be "fashionable" to be a Golden Crest, an elite honorable (?) order. The truth is the Crests wield considerable clout, ensuring their members get all the best breaks from the government and the social groups. They are also rumored to have links with the underground, able to find "special" items that might be hard to get.

Their political potency makes them difficult foes or neutral parties to deal with. They are supremely arrogant to the lower classes, and openly show their disdain (which, strangely enough, causes those who are snubbed want to join them even more!). As a friend, well, they could be extremely helpful... in more ways than one.

The Crests symbol is that golden half-circle enwrapped by green vines. Often the individual will put his heraldic device within the golden borders of the half-circle. Other symbols include a rising sun on a red background and a golden axe, with the axe head in the shape of a half-circle.

Enemies - none of any importance. A few spurned nobles is about it.

Location - The Golden Crests have strongholds (mansions) at many locations, with the biggest located in Altdorf. They also have a sizeable stronghold in Talabheim.


Social functions, parties, and being socially visible is the goal for any Knight of the Golden Crest. Also gaining power, normally through whatever means possible.

The Golden Crests are taken only from nobility, and their social status reflects this. Also, while technically Templars, they seldom engage in actual combat or even practice on a regular basis. They generally only use any combat skills in tourneys and contests. What they lack in martial advances, they gain in other areas.

Social Status = (s/n) A 5d4+8

Career Entries : {required to have been a noble} Noble and Duellist.

Career Exits : Charlatan, Duellist, Racketeer, and Spy.

Advance Scheme

  • Read/write
  • ride - horse
  • secret language battle tounge
  • secret signs templar
  • bribery
  • etiquette
  • heraldry
  • specialist weapon lance
  • public speaking
  • Etched full plate armor colored gold (cost 5 to 10 times normal cost)
  • decorated hand weapon (5 to 10 times the normal cost)
  • lance
  • decorated shield (4 to 8 times normal cost)
  • warhorse with saddle and harness
  • 10d6 gold crowns
  • fine clothes
  • 10d6 gold crowns worth of jewelry.

Adventure Suggestions

The Golden Crests have infiltrated by chaos cultists of Slaanesh! PCs may find clues to suggest this, and find the extent of the corruption, implicating some major important government figures. If they could find tangible evidence and bring it to the attention of loyal government workers, the rewards would be great.

I have other knighthoods (Knight of the Raven, Shattered Oak, etc.) which I will send later (when I get them all entered into the computer). Let me what you think of the above.

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