From: Anders Karlsson <>
Subject: Inquisitor (mightier and better)

The Inquisitor career article written by Tuomas Pirinen was great, but is missing something important. Why would witch-hunters protect an Inquisitor who is only half as powerful as themselves. So I take the liberty to change the advance scheme for the Inquisitor and little bit more...


The Inquisition is based in Estalia but have also great power in Tilea and Brettonia. But the various religions in the Old world who oppose the chaotic forces, have their own Inquistors for dealing with chaos cultists and demonologist wizards, but can also pursue necromancers and in some parts druids and followers of the Old faith. The Inquistor`s power is depending on the strength of his organization and the good-will of the local/regional ruler. But in Estalia for example the Inquistion is stronger than the city-states rulers, and can therefore prosecute, judge and sentence any man or women at their own will.

In the Empire they are under the control of the provincial states or the Sigmaritian/Ulrician cult and have therefore less power and can have some trouble cooperating with the local rulers and the local priests. The Inquistor is a very powerful person who many people fear, and the Inquistor also tries to keep this image up.

Advanced career

Advance scheme:

  • Torture
  • Read/Write
  • Secret Languages-Classical
  • Public speaking
  • Law
  • Authority*
  • Sixth Sense
  • Demon Lore
  • Magical Awarness
  • Identify Chaos**
  • Theology
  • Robes
  • Seal of approval from a religious order
  • "Torture tools"
  • Religious books

Career entries: Witch-Hunter, Priest(any lvl)

Career exits: Witch-Hunter, Priest(next lvl)

*The authority skill as described by Tuomas Pirinen. If the Inquistor meets another member of an religious order or the military, he may take a LD-test. If succeded the Inquistors will prevails.
**A special skill that I also want to include into the Witch-Hunters career. The person with the Identify Chaos skill can recognize the different chaos gods,its followers and its common creatures/demonic beings.An Int based skill.

The Inquistor will now be a rather mighty person with some very dangerous knowledge, and thats how he should be. Perfect for your average crazy Witch-Hunter who just can`t stop fighting CHAOS.Good luck. And don`t be afraid of sending me some comments.
Asgard of Hellum