The Inquistion is one of the most dreaded organisations of the Old World. Their power is especially great in Estalia and in some parts of Tilea, but the power of inquistion is great also in Bretonnia and in the lands of the Empire. Inquistion is a religious force, dedicated to weed out the heretics from their sphere of influence. Witch Hunters are their tools, terror and secrecy their weapons. The inquistion is not responsible for the temporal ruler of any land, and thus they can act quite freely. Their religious background gives them a certain aura of "holiness", and because of this they can act without fear of revenge. Inquisition prefers torture, burning, beheading and lynching as their methods for clansing the Old World of worshippers of Chaos and evil gods. Many of their victims are guilty and truly deserve their horrible fate, but far too often an innocent man meets a painful end in the dungeons of the inquisition.

Inquisitors are responsible for their deeds to the supreme ruler of their cult, be it Grand Theogonist or Cardinal of Bretonnia. Their methods vary according to their religion, so Sigmarite inquistion is not as feared as Verena`s. In any case, when inquistor stalks the streets, he is easily recogniced and avoided by his robes and the witch-hunter bodyguards.

NOTES: As very powerful opponents or leaders of religious-orientated charaters. They may also act as patrons to templars and witch hunters.


Advance Scheme

    Torture Read/Write Secret Languages-Classical,Magical Public Speaking Law Authority*
    Robes The seal of approval from a head of a religious order Deus ex Machina

Career Entries: Priest, any level

Career exits: Witch Hunter, Priest, next level

*A new skill. If inquistior is confronted by members of military or church, they may take a Ld test. If successful, the will of the inquistor prevails. An exmaple: a inquistior orders a arrest of a popular agitator suspected as a Chaos worshipper. A local watch captain (PC) argues with the inquistior, claiming that the arrest could create a public unrest. The inquistor makes a successful Ld test (modifed by GM, the Player Character is known for his stubborness) and makes it. The watch captain is terrified, and allows the witch hunters to proceed with the arrest.

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