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Subject: [WFRP:1137] Dwarven careers...

This is stuff from WFB 3rd edition, so I don't want any flak for it not being "realistic". It's a career that's probably better off not seeing the light of day, but the deed is done...


The Dwarven Gyrocopter pilot is a eccentric Dwarf who "flies where only eagles dare!" The Dwarves have created an ingenious device, the Gyrocopter, a flying contraption based around a Dwarven Steam Engine and a spinning rotor blade to bear Dwarves aloft where they can scout out the area, and also provide air support to the rather slow moving Dwarven infantry. A Gyrocopter can dart about a battlefield, dropping bombs, frightening horses, and staving off offensives until the Dwarven infantry can respond.

The Gyrocopter pilots are chosen from the most loyal and least sane of the Dwarven Engineers. A close knit and clannish group, they share a complex signal of hand and arm gestures used in flight to coordinate actions.


  • Mime
  • Orientation
  • Ride-Gyrocopter
  • Specialist Weapon Bomb
  • Specialist Weapon Steam Cannon
  • Aviator's Goggles
  • Gyrocopter
  • Hammer (counts as a hand weapon)
  • Leather Flight Helmet
  • Leather Flight Jacket (counts as a Leather Jerkin)
  • Silver Winged Insignia (Hammer with Wings)
  • Tool Belt

Career Entries: Engineer

Career Exits: Sapper, Soldier, Wing Commander