Here's the info on the Guardians of Hoeth and also their next levels, the Wraithguard and the Shadow Knights

High Elf

Guardian of the Tower of Hoeth


  • SW - Elven Greatsword
  • Disarm
  • Dodge Blow
  • Secret Language - Battle Tongue ( High Elf)
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Demon Lore
  • Heraldry (Elvish)
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Rune Lore
  • Scroll Lore
  • Read/Write (Elven)
  • Arcane Language -- Elven Magick
  • Mail Coat
  • Knife/dagger
  • Elven Great Sword
  • Helmet
  • Mail leggings

Guardians of Hoeth are the fighting elite of the Swordmasters. They fight with a skill and and ferocity unparalleled. They spend years in the Tower of Hoeth itself, studying ancient scripts of arcane knowledge about not only combat, but magick as well!

Of the Guardians, one is chosen every hundred years to assume the status of Wraithguard (shadow knight). The candidates for this sacred position undergo a series of brutal tests by the most powerful Elven Mages. The one with the strongest mental capacity will be selected.

The new Shadow Knight is then taught the ways of magick and how to bend them to ones will.


Advance Scheme
Wraithguard do not have an advance scheme accept maybe Int +40 and WP +40. Their bodies become hollow shells while their spirits become magically inhanced.

The souls of the Wraithguard form a living zone of magick around the Tower of Hoeth. They are diverse in matters of magick, but only use them in defense of the tower. In times of dire strife a Shadow Knight may be called forth as either a Wraith with spellcasting abilities (as GM dictates) or into the body of a powerful warrior, also with spell casting abilities.

Once in a mortal body the knight must make a WP test at -5% for every day in the mortal plane. Effects are accumulative. If this test fails the knight is corrupted by chaos. If a second test is failed the knight is instantly destroyed (25% chance) or becomes a powerful chaos ally (75% chance)

Use stats for Mardagg for Shadow Knight