From: POSSUM <>
Subject: [WFRP:1089] Guard Career


The best soldiers that a Noble can muster are often grouped into a small elite group with the most important of duties, guarding the noble. The Guard, also known as a Honor Guard or a Color Guard, are charged with protecting the Noble, and the Noble's family. This is a well treasured position, full of perks. Fine weapons and armor, a steed, comfortable setting, and safely nestled in the back of combat with the Noble.

Sadly, this happy existence can easily come to an end. A surprise attack by Skaven, a peasant uprising, depradations by orcs and goblins, incursions of Chaos, and hostilities from other nobles can easily spell the end of Guard's light duty. Instead of hanging about the castle, kicking around peasants, they find themselves mounted on horses, accompanying the noble into battle. Fortunately for them, if the battle goes bad, they are often mounted, leaving behind the poor levies and militiamen behind to be slaughtered. Unfortunately for them, they are mounted, and have to engage the enemy in a mounted charge.

Many tire of life in a manor or castle, and the potential dangers of being killed protecting a nobleman, and turn to a life of adventure.


  • Animal Care
  • Disarm
  • Dodge Blow
  • Ride
  • Specialist Weapon-Lance
  • Specialist Weapon-Pole Arm
  • Street Fighting
  • Strike to Injure
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Strike to Stun
  • Breastplate
  • Coif
  • Dagger
  • Halberd
  • Hand Weapon
  • Helmet
  • Horse
  • Lance
  • Sleeved Mail Coat
  • Surcoat with Noble's Livery

Career Entries: Body Guard, Herald, Marine, Mercenary, Pit Fighter, Protagonist, Soldier

Career Exits: Artillerist, Castellan, Freelance, Mercenary Sergeant/Captain, Outlaw, Squire


       Rev. Garett Lepper

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