Re: WFB to WFRP... Night Goblin Fanatic
From: Aldred the GM

Night Goblin Fanatic

Night Goblin Fanatics as a player character? Maybe, maybe not...but as a baddie, these green skinned maniacs can give even the most hardened adventurer bladder control problems. Besides, they kick so much tail in WFB, that it seemed only fair to give 'em a whack at role playing...

Goblin Fanatics are drug crazed loonies: nearly impervious to pain, super strong (as Goblins go), and almost completely without fear. They love to fight, maim, crush, destroy, kill, etc. almost to the exclusion of all else. Goblin Fanatics don't need a reason...just an opportunity.

Fanatics wear long ankle length, dirty, black cloaks, and carry a monstrous ball and chain, which drags behind them and slows their normal progress down to almost nil...(character Fanatics will have a normal M of 1or 2). In fact, it is so heavy and cumbersome, that characters with S less than 5 cannot even lift it, (a S of 7 would be required for a sane, sober player to swing it menacingly). Fanatics can use these weapons of mass destruction only because of the fungus beer that they constantly imbibe...(a concoction made from the fermentation of a mushroom appropriately named Mad Cap.) If a non-Goblin were to ingest Fungus Brew, they need to make an immediate WP test or suffer the effects of the drug most lethal to their species... (Night Goblins use 11 other toxins in the recipe).

If you are crazy enough to let someone get a hold of one of these nuts.... here's some ideas...

Fate Points d3

Age (irrelevant...they can't possibly care!)

Skills d4 (Use the Warrior chart.)

Speak Ghazhakh, and 20% chance of broken Old Worlder or other suitable tongue

Night Vision 10 yards (less whilst under the influence of Fungus Brew)

Alignment Evil (or whatever suits your campaign)

Psychology immune to all psychology (start them with d10 afflictions)

Night Goblin Fanatic - Basic Stats

M        d2*                                         A            d6*
WS      2d10+15*                                     DEX         2d10+10
BS      2d10+10                                      LD          2d10+10
S         5                                          INT         2d10+10
T        d3+1                                        CL            89*
W        d3+4                                        WP          2d10+10
I       2d10+10*                                     FEL         2d10+10

  • Frenzied Attack
  • Brew (Fungus Beer)
  • 10% chance of Luck
  • 25% chance Lightning Reflexes
  • Barrel of Fungus Brew
  • Ball and Chain
  • dagger
  • dirty, black robes

Night Goblin Fanatic - lvl 1 Advance Scheme M WS BS S T W I A DEX LD INT CL WP FEL - - - +1 +1 +2 +10 +10 - - - +10 - Skills: Blather, Mimic, Disguise (usually as a really ugly hunchback halfling) Trappings: None Night Goblin Fanatic - lvl 2 Advance Scheme M WS BS S T W I A DEX LD INT CL WP FEL - +10 +1 +2 +3 +20 +1 +20 +20 Skills: Disguise, Begging, Immunity to Poison Trappings: None Night Goblin Fanatic - lvl 3 Advance Scheme M WS BS S T W I A DEX LD INT CL WP FEL - +10 +2 +3 +4 +30 +2 +30 +30 Skills: Identify Fungus, Prepare Poisons Trappings: None SPECIAL RULES: ( * ) Movement - The Night Goblin Fanatic only moves 1 or 2 when not using the Ball and Chain in combat. (This is due to the Ball and Chain’s immense weight) When in combat, and using the Ball and Chain, the Goblin rolls 2d6 at the beginning of the round and that sum is his M score for the duration of that combat round...He must move the entire distance in a straight line in the direction of his choice. During the subsequent rounds of combat (after the first), the Goblin Fanatic rolls 2d6, and again moves that far. Now however, he is disoriented from the spinning of the Ball and Chain and his own drug induced euphoria, and must make a successful DEX test to hurtle himself in the direction of his choice. A failed test means that the Fanatic spins out of control and heads in a totally random direction. (YIKES!) Any character within M range and along the path of the Fanatic is considered hit. No WS test need be made when whirling the Ball and Chain...Dodge Blow tests can still be made however...whew! Combat and Damage - Fanatics can not be engaged in melee combat. This is because the Ball and Chain creates a sphere of death around the Fanatic, thus protecting him from all attacks except missle attacks. (and of course magic.) The only way to kill one then is to either shoot him, zap him, or wait until he collapses from exhaustion and then hack him to bits. The incredible A score of the Fanatic is only when he is using the Ball and Chain...when using any other weapon, the Fanatic has only 1plus any gained by advancement . Further, this A score is how many potential combatants the Fanatic may encounter along his wild flight path, and it changes from round to round, just like his M. Each opponent he passes only takes one A, and any attacks not used are simply lost. The Ball and Chain does S + 3d6 damage to each opponent per hit...and heavily armored characters are just as vulnerable as everyone else...armor does not stop any damage inflicted by the Ball and Chain...scary huh? Each d6 worth of damage is assigned to a random hit location ( the S is added to the first location only). More on Movement... If after the first movement roll, the 2d6 comes up doubles (i.e. 4 and 4, or 3 and 3), the Fanatic has met with an unfortunate accident. This means that the Goblin has either wrapped the chain of his Ball and Chain around his neck or his heart gives out, or blood vessels in his brain explode under the strain of hefting his monstrous weapon, etc. To reflect this the Fanatic takes a full strength hit from his Ball and follows - the Fanatic take his S score in wounds to the body or head (50% chance either) each d6 of weapon damage is done to a random hit location Nothing worse than having a stroke in the middle of battling a troll slayer... Obstacles and Night Goblin Fanatics - If a Fanatic whirls out of control and hits a tree or a building, or gods forbid another Fanatic, then he would take damage as though he rolled doubles for movement... I wouldn’t recommend throwing these fellas into the fray too often...they are pure killing machines...I’ve found that they work really well when PC’s are muttering “Oh...its just some Goblins. No big deal!” Nigh Goblin Fanatics are also beautiful baddies to use on that particularly pesky Troll Slayer who refuses to believe he has outlived his usefulness in your campaign (despite your best attempts to prove otherwise), or the player who you discover wanted to be an Elf because of the big numbers involved and not his love of woodland creatures... Happy Hunting, Aldred the GM