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Subject: [WFRP:1138] More Dwarven Careers...

Another WFB 3rd Edition conversion...


The Dwarves rely on many weapons of destruction to protect their cities and outposts from their various enemies. One of the most successful weapons is the Dwarven Fire Thrower. A Bellow attached to a Barrel full of some flammable concotion, it is carried by two Dwarves. By turning the valve on the Barrel, and hand pumping the Bellow, the Fire Thrower shoots out a jet of flame, which sticks to it's enemies and chars them to a crisp.

The flammable concotion is a secret of the Dwarven Engineer Guild. Consisting of a number of chemicals, only one is publically known: Grugni's Fire. Grugni's Fire is a type of spirit, made of alcohol, which is quite poisonous, being nearly pure alcohol. The only problem with it, is that when preparing the fuel for the Fire Throwers, it's crew is exposed to the fumes, which can be quite addictive. As a result, the Fire Thrower crews are quickly addicted to the fumes, and will often drink the Grugni's Fire, which they build up quite a resilience to. Grungi's Fire, being nearly pure alcohol, can cause burns to those who drink it, if not hardened to the effects. Spitting out the Grungni's Flame into an exposed fire creates a small fireball, a gag ofen over used by the crews of the Fire Throwers. The Fire Throwers are a clannish sort, dwarves who stick together sharing a common job and addiction.


  • Brewing
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Fire Eating
  • Immunity to Poison-Grugni's Fire
  • Specialist Weapon-Dwarven Fire Thrower
  • Street Fighting (Note: All Dwarven Fire Thrower have an Addiction to Grugni's Fire)
  • Abestos Apron (heavy, treat as leather armor)
  • Abestos Gloves (-20 to Dex)
  • Fire Thrower
  • Hand Weapon
  • Mouthwash

Career Entries: Dwarven Engineer, Dwarven Soldier, Dwarven Tunnel Fighter

Career Exits: Dwarven Sapper, Dwarven Tunnel Fighter

Dwarven Fire Thrower
The Dwarven Fire Thrower is a peculiar weapon. It consist of two parts, connected by a hose. The first portion, the Fire Thrower Projector, resembles a bellow. With a adjustable nozzle at the end, the Firer, adjusts the Nozzle and then pumps the bellow, projecting a sheet of flame. The second portion is a small tank which must be pumped to build up pressure. It requires two to move it, and they move as if Encumbered.

If there are two using it, one pumps and builds up pressure, while the other fires it. If there is only one, it takes a round to pump it to prime it for firing. It may be fired only once a round. It shoots out flame 10 yards, and any struck by it count as flammable targets, and receive normal fire damage, d4 at a Strength of 3, and an additional damage of d4 for being flammable. Any target struck is on fire. It may be fired at any target, or d3 target if they are within 3 yards of each other.