From: Psychedelic Goblin <>
Subject: WFRP: New careers


The executioner is a much reviled character, and many are avoided due to their morbid career. It is their duty to carry out the death sentence for various legal bodies whether it is execution by burning, hanging, beheading, or in Bretonnia by guillotine. Unsurprisingly they tend to be rather emotionless or sadistic by necessity. The standard among them varies considerably from the true professional to the sadistic thug. Usually this is a career for life, and those who leave usually do so due to the injustice of the legal system.


  • Spec. Wpn 2 Hand
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • 75% Very Strong
  • 2 handed axe
  • black hood
  • 10 yds rope

Entered from: Jailer,Torturer

Exits: Jailer, Torturer