From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: New Careers


- Advanced Career

(Here's a career I'm not sure is important. Whose going to have a fulltime career beheading or hanging people!!! Most people with that responsibility would be soldiers, etc. And since all attacks against prone targets hit, and do double damage, how can you go wrong? But here it is anyways!)

The Executioner is usually a soldier or men at arms serving the local authorities. When a person is found guilty of a crime, a frequent punishment is beheading. The noble usually has a fellow around who is quite good at doing such things. This fellow, when beheading, gets to wear a black hood, so retribution isn't normally possible by relatives or friends of the accused. Also, the black hood, creates a sense of anonymity, and in some way absolves the executioner of guilt. It wasn't Franz who did it, it was the guy in the black hood. When Franz puts on the hood, he's no longer Franz, but an extension of authority. Do you follow? Without further ado:


  • SW Two handed
  • SW Halberd
  • Strike to Injure
  • Stike Mighty Blow
  • Wrestling (so he can restrain the victim, if he for some reason struggles, etc)
  • A big two handed axe
  • A black hood
  • A little extra pay too.

Career Entries: Bounty Hunter, Jailer, Mercenary, Protagonist, Soldier, Torturer

Career Exits: Bounty Hunter, Jailer , Mercenary Sergeant, Protagonist, Racketeer, Slaver, Torturer

Notes: Here's my justification for the scheme. A high WS is not neccessary to hit a prone target, or kick a chair out from under somebody. But an Executioner, would most likely be the biggest and intimidating guy that a noble could find. Hence the high Strength. High Leadership, Cool, and WP, because he must carry through with what he is ordered despite how distasteful. Even if it's the execution of a friend.