From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Dave Selin <>
Subject: WFRP: New Career!

Barfnoggin raised his eyes as Toejam lifted his right arm and clenched his fist twice. Somefing was up. The patrol, in single file, managed to avoid bumping this time, much to Barfnoggins relief. This rotted trail was too narrow and the undergrowth so dense- curses on the girly elves!

Toejam, at point, suddenly crouched. The other orcs glanced around, from side to side straining to see something- anything. Barfnoggin drew his short sword, the only weapon he felt he could fight with in this overgrown rot pile, and elbowed his way to where Toejam crouched.

"Wots all this then?" he whispered into T-jams good ear, while peering to see what was up ahead. They were being cautious now, too cautious, but the last ambush with the Wardancers had been enough. Half the patrol had been cut down, or had cowered because of the damned rattling.

T-jam pointed his own shortsword at some point in the gloomy distance. Barfnoggin gleefully thought of how nice it would feel to ram a battle rattle down the throat of a wardancer. Then he saw it. A small clearing. He could barely make out some bright cloth. Elves. More of 'em. But not wardancers. Something else...

Barfnoggin raised his sword and motioned the patrol forward. Revenge. REVENGE his small orcish mind yelled at him. There. A glint of sunlight. An instrument...a elf with baggy trousers...musicians? He started jogging.

"C'mon ladz. Git a zoggin move on!"he snarled behind him. Barfnoggin had only one thought- kill elves. Kill' em all, let the gods sort 'em out!

The patrol, now out of order, ran into the clearing, snarling and hoarking, chanting Git Some Git Some. Then they stopped. The elf musicians hadn't fled. Some of the ones wearing baggy trousers were moving in odd manners. A head roll, a shoulder roll down to the fingers and back to the other side, as if a serpent was inside their skin. REpulsed, Barfnoggin stepped back. Chaos he thought, Chaos could do this! The musicians began to play a steady quick beat in a wierd way. Slanesh? Barfnoggin looked over at T-jam. Sweat had covered The Jams face. Transfixed, the patrol stared at these new dancers. Suddenly the elves lashed out, running several orcs through with slender long daggers. As Barfnoggin and the remaining orcs snapped out of their reverie, blade began meeting blade. Holding a captured battle rattle and shaking it wildly as he stabbed and slashed the insane dancers around him he began noticing that the dance type moves the elves had shown off before the fight were now being employed to confuse his boyz...

Barfnoggin got caught ramming his blade into the wildly coloured leather vest of one Weird Dancer and tried to smash the elfs face in with a free fist, but the target managed to throw itself down and scuttle away as if a crab. As Barfnoggin reached down to pick up his blade he saw T-Jam lose his head. Within seconds T-jam was replaced by Spewbreff, but before he could attack, the elf backed away- or did he? Barfnoggin shook his head, certain the elf looked like he was moving forward, but actually going backwards- whatever- it through Spewbreff's timing off and he was disembowelled by a cartwheeling elf in baggy pants whipping by. The rest of the patrol was quickly cut down, only Barfnoggin was left standing.

He was ready to die. An elf, wearing baggy pants minced up and went through the serpentine motion again, snapping his body about. Grinning, the elf revealed gold teeth and managed in real crappy orcish to say, "Break Dancers Rule ya Nob!"

Never one to miss a chance, Barfnoggin jammed his left fist into the grinning elfs face, shoving the captured Wardancer rattle down the elfs throat. "Thaz okay skumbo,"snarled Barfnoggin, "Git Some!"

Stunned, the elven Break Dancers stood goggle eyed as the big orc sergeant jogged off into the dark of the forest...They wouldn't soon forget, but neither would he.

Introducing the Elven Breakdancer!

Before the girly elves can become tough Wardancer types, there's a career they must proceed through. It requires a high degree of body control, and precise knowledge of one's abilities to manipulate their own shape and form. Their strange and mystic dances have an odd effect on the watchers! However, many of them tire of the forest and become buskers in town, plying their trade on the streets! Read on!


  • Acrobatics
  • Art: Urban graffiti
  • Bewilder
  • Battle rap
  • Dance
  • Dodge Blow
  • Headspin
  • Morrslieb Walk (known in slang as the "moon walk")
  • Muscianship: Elven Battle Rattle
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • The Worm
  • Baggy pants
  • Daggers
  • Flattened carboard box

Skills descriptions:

Bewilder: by gryrating and moving his/her body in peculiar ways and in some godforsaken fashion, the Wardancer can mesmerize their opponents. If the opponent fails a WP test, they stand there in rapt entertainment as the Breakdancer Morrlieb' Walks on over and kills the opponent, who counts as prone target for d6 rounds.
Battle Rap: A warchant of the breakdancers, they rap a little and make a-huh a-huh sounds. So defining and otherwierdly is the din, that the opponents must make a fear test or flee...
Headspin: A breakdancer drops to the ground, stands on his head and spins. All opponents within 5 feet are struck by the swirling legs. They all take one attack at +1 Strength, regardless of the number of attacks the Breakdancer has. Especially effective when fighting Goblin hordes. Best used with the cardboard mat...
Morrslieb Walk: An unearthly movement backwards, this allows the Breakdancer to move backwards, allowing them to retreat without turning their backs. This skill can be used in conjuction with Bewilder...
The Worm: The breakdancer falls to the ground, and starts to inch his way about. He does not count as a prone target, so sinuous are his motions...Allows him to crawl under the bushes, in a sneak attack on enemies. Also allows him to squirm through small places as if he/she had Contortionist

Career Entries: Bawd, Entertainer, Minstrel, Raconteur

Career Exits: Wardancer

Social Class/standing - By staying in the forest, young elf "elmies" (their slang for break dancer) have a social class of C (Y,F) and a standing of d4 points. When taking their cardboard dance platforms into towns and villages elmies have a social class of D (R,F) and d3 points.

NB** The new category of (Y) is defined as follows: the elmies are treated as one class lower by the rest of elven society, but not by Wardancers

Young elmies have their own gods to worship- the sons of Adaman-Na-Brionha, Lord of the Dance.

Grandmasta Sash and Furious Clive
Description: both of Adaman s sons rebelled against the cloying atmosphere of Wardancer society, yet found they were still descriminated against by the rest of woodelvian culture. Constant practice of warped versions of wardancing led to the art of breakdancing. Adaman tried to put a stop to his sons behavior but they rebelled even further, creating a sub-culture of "elmies", groups of young would-be Wardancers disatisfied with their own cultural upbringing.
Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: baggy trousers and oversize clothes
Area of Worship: wherever the elmies can set up their cardboard
Friends and enemies: Most wardancer cultists are friendly (guarded), but the human cult of Ranald are also good friends- especially with groups of elmies who work the cities. The enemies are few with most cults and cultures holding elmies in contempt.
Cult requirements: vary from band to band, but worshippers must be break dancers or former breakdancers.
Strictures: elmies must conform to break dancer culture, show a rebel face to the rest of woodelf culture...
Spell use: none
Skills: elmies may gain streetfighter and wrestling skills at half cost and silentmove urban at normal cost
Trials: are determined by the troupe leader, usually on the spur of the moment. The trials are not necessarily deadly, but must be rebellious in nature.
Blessings: auto success on one manuever (break dance)- headspin, morrsleib walk, The Worm.