Subject: WFRP: And now .... Chaos Rules again!

The Dark Scholar

(Templar of Tzeench) - Advanced Career

The Templars of Tzeench, the Lesser Mutators are powerful warlocks and fighters of their master. They are searching for ancient artifacts, grimoires, and changing more and more of the Nature. They love to mislead the people, whipping up the feelings of the poor against their lords, and laugh at the carnage what the uprising left.

Advance Scheme:

  • Acting
  • Arcane Language - Demonic
  • Cast Spells - Tzeench Battle Magic (see the WH Battle Magic)
  • Demon Lore
  • Disguise
  • Dodge Blow
  • Identify Magical Artifacts
  • Magical Awareness
  • Magical Sense
  • Read/Write
  • Disguising set, various clothes
  • Full Plate Armour with the symbol of Tzeench (only if it don't impede spellcasting)
  • Various Weapons
  • D6 Magical Item
  • D4 Chaos Mutations (I used the table in the old WH40000 game) - usually mutations which change the physical appearance

Entries: Alchemist (from level 2), Demonologist (any level), Wizard (any level), Warrior of Chaos

Exits: Demonologist, Wizard