The famous Altdorf press puts out an endless stream of low-class romantic adventure novels. These books tell tales of great daring and true love, and they have a most unhealthy effect on many young nobles and such. These slightly disturbed young men are called cavaliers (and by many other names behind their back) and they regard themselves as dashing, romantic figures. They chase beautiful young noblewomen, challenge each other to duels and make a general nuisance of themselves. Always ready to join adventurous group, their bravery and skill with sword (If you survive as a cavalier for any lenght of time, you`re bound to have learned something about swordsplay) makes them valuable members of such parties, if other members can put up with their antics.

NOTES: A cavalier has a lot of potential for roleplaying, as they are not part of the regular army like musketeers or templars, and thus have more freedom as adventurers. They do not have to follow any strict code of honour like duellist either, so they are more useful in espionage-style adventures. They should, however be played as true romantics: falling in love all the time, defying the authorities and so on.

Advance Scheme

  • Charm
  • Wit
  • Seduction
  • Read/Write (romantic novels)
  • Disarm
  • Scale Sheer Surfaces
  • Specialist Weapon-Fencing Sword
  • Dodge Blow
  • Specialist weapon-Parrying weapons
  • Art-poetry
  • Rapier
  • D6 Romantic novels
  • D6 love letters
  • Silk dress
  • D2 lovers
  • D100 GC

Career Entries: Noble, Duellist, Student, Squire

Career exits: Duellist, Free Lance, Beggar (in case their true love leaves them)

Tuomas Pirinen