From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: New Careers


an Advanced Career

(This is probably more of an NPC, but there could be occasions when this career could be a viable option for a PC. If you find it of little use, don't use it, but please post me why! I love criticism!)

A Castellan is an individual responsibility for the upkeep and safety of a fortification. Whether one of the Imperial fortresses, a noble manor, or an outpost in Kislev, loyal people to the crown are an integral part of maintaining the safety of the Old World


  • Administrate
  • Heraldry
  • Read/Write
  • Siegecraft
  • Wit
  • A castle, fort, or something else, nicely built of stone, for starts.
  • Retainers:
    • Men at arms
    • A scribe
    • Blacksmith, armorer, dispatch riders, carpenter, people for the upkeep of the castle. Also cooks, etc.
  • A nice salary
  • A letter of commission
  • Keys to the pay chest
  • A few hundred gold coins
  • So on, so on...

Career Entries: Noble, Artillerist, Freelance, Gunner, Mercenary Captain, Templar

Career Exits: Noble, Freelance, Mercenary Captain


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