From: (Brent W. Diana)
Subject: A Basic Career by BloodyNose

Ex-Blood Bowl Player (A basic career)

Converted from Jason Hill's Warhammer Quest character
of the same name by BloodyNose (My Komander!)
Translated from orkish by Pulg Axechewer

Yo! Guyz, herez ah basik kareer for WFRP konverted by one o' my kommanderz. Kommentz welcomez!

Just because GW discontinued Blood Bowl doesn't mean it isn't still played and liked in the Old World.


  • Disarm
  • Frenzied Atack
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Specialest Weapon - Spiked Football
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Heal Wounds
  • Gat-Ork-Ade Bottle
  • Blood Bowl Armor
  • Spiked Football

Career Entries: GM assigned only.

Career Exits: Body Guard, Mercernary, Pit Fighter, Protagonist, Judicial Champion, Racketeer

Trappings Explanation
Gat-Ork-Ade Bottle - The Bottle's contents when drunk have the following effects:

Spiked Football - Specialest Ranged Weapon

Short: 5
Long: 8
Extreme: 11
ES: Thrower's Strength +2
Throw Time: 1 round

Spiked Cleats - These special boots give the Ex-BB Player an additional Strength 7 kick every turn.

Blood Bowl Armor -

AP 1
Area Covered: Body, Legs, Arms


I made this character without my WFRP book (someone's 
borrowing it...) so please excuse me for any errors. 
Comments please!