Subject: WFRP: And now .... Chaos Rules again!

The Bloody Knight

(Templar of Khorne) - Advanced (and usually the last) Career

Clad in blood-red armour, with axe in both hands and bloodlust in his heart, the Templar of Khorne is a truly fearsome opponent. He is living for the pleasure of killing, don't giving or expecting mercy, and for quenching the lust of Khorne.

Advance Scheme:
* - the Templar of Khorne never leaves the battleground because of the fear generated by some monster

  • Demon Lore
  • Disarm
  • Dodge Blow
  • Frenzied Attack
  • Specialist Weapon - Two-Handed, Fist
  • Street Fighter
  • Strike to Injure
  • Strongman
  • Torture
  • Very Resilient
  • Chaos Armour (skin turns into an armoured exoskeleton - +3 AP to all areas)
  • Two-Handed or Battle Axe
  • Various weapons
  • D4 Chaos Mutations (I used the table in the old WH40000 game) - usually mutations which give physical strength and toughness

Character entries: Free Lance, Outlaw Chief, Mercenary Captain, Warrior of Chaos (use the statistics from the Bestiary)

Character exits: Demon of Khorne (according to the deeds of the character) - usually Bloodletter or Bloodthirster, after death