From: POSSUM <>
Subject: [WFRP:1090] Saboteur Career


Advanced Career

A Saboteur is greatly feared by the authorities. Saboteurs, working as agents for spies of hostile foreign groups, or as political terrorists, will destroy buildings and target important individuals. Saboteurs working as spies will often infiltrate administrative buildings, blowing them up with bombs and gunpowder, or during times of war, blowing up ships at port, military barracks, fortifications, and causing severe injuries and deaths.

Often hostile political groups within an area will wage a campaign of terror against the local populace or the authorities. Blowing up magistrates or nobles, various political extremist groups usually claim responsibility.


  • Blather
  • Conceal Urban
  • Disguise
  • Engineer
  • Scale Sheer Surface
  • Silent Move Urban
  • Specialist Weapon-Bomb
  • Black Clothing
  • Black Hood
  • Bombs (d3)
  • Gun Powder

Career Entries: Engineer, Political Activist/Reactionary, Sapper, Spy

Career Exits" Assasin, Demagogue (if entered from Political Activist/Reactionary), Sapper (if entered from Engineer), Spy


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