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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 12:46:01 +0000
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Subject: WFRP: Master Thief

Notes: The Master Thief is supposed to be an expert in his chosen fields, a sort of highly trained specialist in a few fields. As such, it is not a traditional career, but more of a template or set of rules to create a "specialized" and unique thief of epic proportions. I have never play tested it, but I do get bored or inspired and write stuff up.

Note: With the introduction of Master Thief, normal thieves should only be allowed to purchase skills like Pick Pocket, and Pick locks twice for a total bonus of +20

Master Thief


At this point, the character has four slots. If the character likes, he can take one or two of the slots and add them to the advance scheme. It adds +1 or +10 to the respective advance (Wounds +2). No advance may go over +40 or +3. Any slots not used to increase the advance scheme can be used on skills.

Skills: The character can buy four slots, minus any spent to increase the advance scheme, to purchase in specialties or abilities. Every time the character wishes to apply a slot for an advance or skill, they must spend 100 Exp points to gain the advance or skill.

Acrobatics: costs one slot. Can only be purchased once.
Acute Hearing: costs one slot. The character's sense have been sharpened by experience and neccessity.
Ambidextrous: costs one two slots. Can only be used after both slots have been purchased.
Conceal Urban: Advanced. When one slot is used to turn the skill to Advanced, the modifiers for concealment are doubled. The character must have Conc Urb before he can advance it.
Contortionist: costs one slot.
Disguise: costs one slot.
Escapology: costs one slot.
Lightning Reflexes: costs three slots. Long years of training and experience have honed the characters' reflexes to perfection. Can only be used after all three slots have been purchased.
Luck: costs two slots.
Mimic: costs one slot.
Palm Object: Advanced: When used to turn the previously purchased skill into an advanced one, the bonus is now +25
Pick Locks Advanced: Up to two slots can be added to this skill making the pick lock bonus +30 or +40.
Pick Pockets Advanced: Identical to Pick Lock Advanced.
Scale Sheer Surface Advanced. For the cost of a slot, the skill now offers a +25 bonus to all Risk Tests.
Sense Magical Alarm: Costs two slots. The character, when within ten feet of an alarm, can detect Magic alarms, by testing against their Will Power.
Silent Move Urban: Advanced: When a slot is spent to turn the basic skill into an Advanced one, the bonus is now -20.
Sixth Sense: costs two slots. The character has acquired a certain knack for knowing when he's being followed...
Spot Trap Advanced: When a slot is spent to turn the basic skill into an Advanced one, the bonus to spot is +20, and to disarm the bonus is +10.

Career Entries: (at least two fully completed) Thief (general), Assasin, Thief (any specialists), Racketeer, Footpad, Spy, Fence

Career Exits: Initiate (Ranald), Guildmaster-Thieves, Crimeboss

The goal of this career is to allow the expert thief to acquire specialties and unique skills, a sort of flexible template to allow thieves to have a sort of personality, instead of skills like Pick Pocket, etc. By using the slot system, it makes purchasing advances and innate skills painful by robbing the character of true expertise in one or two skills...

  This is the one career I made that I'm totally unsure of.  I've 
never play tested it, and it looks a little akward or complex... It 
could be promising though...
  Comments?  I posted the stupid career despite my reservations...