Hi folks,

thank you for all your comments about my posting concerning the WFRP career inn-keeper ! I barely had time lately and will try now to revise the career :

* INN-KEEPER (2nd try)

basic career for WFRP

Career Class: Rogue
Description: You know this one, don't you

Advanced Scheme:

Restrictions: Inn-keeper cannot be taken as a character's first career by humans.

Comments on restrictions:

My first thought was to give the inn-keeper an Advanced Career status because most people don't begin their lives as an inn-keeper but inn-keeper is a profession if you want to settle down from your adventurous life.
But the advences of this career aren't that much, so I decided to declare it as a BASIC CAREER with this restriction. Dwarves and Elves are usually older when begining their life as a Old World hero, so -okay, why not as inn-keeper...

  • Consume Alcohol
  • Story Telling
  • Streetfighter
  • Super Numerate
  • 25 % chance of Brewing
  • 25 % chance of Cook
  • 25 % chance of Speak Additional Language (only if inn is in a large port or border town)
  • 20 % chance of Strike Migthy Blow
  • 10 % chance of Very Strong
  • Inn with equipment
  • Contract with brewery
  • 8d6 GCs
  • 1d4-1 employees or other helpers
  • 15 % chance to have a contract with one of the major coaching lines
    • Additional trappings when having such a contract:
    • stable with 1d6+3 horses
    • equipment to do repair works on coaches
    • some extra 1d4+2 employees

Comments on skills:

    Why only so little chance of brewing ?
    * There is a a cereer in WFRP called Artisan - Brewer !
      Every inn that doesn't brew its beer on their own has 
      a contract with a brewery... When giving the inn-keeper 
      'brewery' automatically the artisan (brewer) career is 
      nearly senseless...
    Why 100 % chance of streetfighter ??
      * Every inn-keeper will learn to defend himself in a 
      brawl. That's what this skill is all about. (okay, not 
      everyone, but the old and ugly, fat and anxious 
      inn-keeper is not the type of career our PCs want to 
    Why no administration skill ?
      * I know of none... So tell me one or create a new one !
      * Why not Read/Write skill ?
      There is no need in learning read or write for an inn-keeper
    Why percentage system for a career which cannot be the 
    first one ?
      * Because there are several types of inn-keepers in the 
      Old World...
    Why does this career have a chance to get Very Strong skill ?
      * This is a little extra (personal preference) bonus to keep 
      in mind that it is not always a good idea to mix up the 
      inn-keeper because the prices are in a way too high ....

      ...sorry, but in my groups players love to challenge 
      inn-keepers for letting them wait some seconds or handing 
      out warm beer...  So I decided to strengthen every tenth 
      of them a little bit.  If you don't like it, just feel free 
      to delete it.

Career Entries: Artisan - Brewer, Bawd, Mercenary, Labourer, Roadwarden, Raconteur
Career Exits: Gambler, Artisan's Apprentice (Brewer only), Fence, Roadwarden, Raconteur
Exits when inn in port town: Marine, Seaman, Smuggler

Thanx for all of you giving their comments and hints :
* Chris Pearce
* Christian Hanisch
* Winfried Winkler
* Anthony Ragan