-----Advanced career-----

In their effort to get an edge against organised crime the police-force is often forced into using "unfair" methods and one of these is the use of an Informer.

There are many types of Informers but the most common one is when simple watchmen go under cover and enter one of the various crime-guilds such as the renowned thieves-guild.

The procedure is that the trusted (or expendable) watchman is contacted by his superior and gently forced into this new way of helping the City, State and Emperor. Often his new career will take place in another city to reduce the risk of his discovery.

This kind of operation is often led by a small group within the police force and the crime lords are constantly trying to get their own informant in there and who knows they might already have succeeded for all the Informer knows....

Getting help from the ones in charge of the operation, he will quickly, if all goes well, establishes a reputation as an expert thief getting to the most difficult places in town (none is told about doors being left open or watch-men turning a blind eye) and once he has entered the higher ranks of the guilds the informing begins.

Needless to say the risk of his discovery is great even with all the precautions taken and the punishment even higher...

Another common type of informer is the thief who gets caught and is given the chance of avoiding death or the loss of a hand by ratting on his bosses moves to the police.

But with both of these types of informers the police can never be sure if the information is correct as the Informer might switch sides and give misleading evidence.

The Informers lives a risky life as even the slightest word that gets out will lead to their untimely death.. and should they get away with it they will probably live in fear of the Organisations shadow for the rest of their lives...

Advance Scheme

  • Concealment Urban *
  • Secret Lang.--Thieves Tongue *
  • Secret Signs--Thieves Signs *
  • Pick Lock *
  • Read/Write--special code only
  • Acting * *
  • Blather * *
  • Luck * *
  • Consume Alcohol .#
  • Trappings:
  • Code Book,
  • Police contact
  • d6 small bottles of various cheep alcohol.

Entered from: Watchman Thief, Beggar(???)
Exits: Watchman (another city!) Watchman Sergeant (if done well to the police force) Thief, (by doing the organisation a "favour" he might be accepted) Outlaw (Both sides hunting him!)


I was thinking about giving Insanity points or some minor disorders to this poor fool (nail biting seems inevitable) but it might be too cruel? My plans were to have one of my PC's get into this involuntarily, so I would very much appreciate any feedback(, if you haven't fallen asleep that is), and maybe this guy exits already, made by someone else? In that case I would very much appreciate any experience and/or details?

   Erik Hamre