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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 13:48:55 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Claus Ekstroem SFE <>
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Subject: WFRP: The Gypsy Career (take two)
Hi All!
Here's the modified gypsy career. Hope it can be of use to someone!


Almost anywhere in the Old World is it possible to stumble upon a band of Gypsies. They roam the roads and waterways between the towns and villages, stopping to trade at any settlement they come to.

The travelling people or Rom as they call themselves, travel around the Old World, not staying around the same spot for more than a few days. The Gypsies are often shunned by other people, who doesn't understand the Gypsy way of life. While the Gypsies are a welcome sight in the remote areas they visit, bringing news as well as trade goods, they are never encouraged to stay long, since they are held in a certain amount of mistrust by the bulk of the population, and there are always a few thefts and other incidents when they are about.

Gypsies doesn't care for money or goods. If they need anything, and they can't afford to buy it, they steal livestock from the local farmers, and sell it another town. The Gypsies don't see this as stealing, since they don't accept the laws of the land they're in - they only accept their own law or court-system, called the Kris. This can lead to a lot of trouble, and that is one of the main reasons the Gypsies are disliked by the popula- tion - "They think they can do anything. Someone ought to punish them Gyps, show 'em who's in control. They think they own the world. A whole bunch of thieves. The Gypsies don't steal from people, who allows them to camp on their land, or people, who wants to help them. They remember this kind of friendship, and they are likely to lend a helping hand, or return the favour one day. If a Gypsy does anything to harm a person "marked" as a friend, he or she gets the worst possible punishment from the Kris - exclusion from the tribe. Imagine being alone in an unfriendly country!

While some Gypsy tribes stay clear of most human settlements, and just enter the towns to trade, others make a living by travelling from fair to fair in their coloured boats/wagons, entertaining with music, animal shows and/or divinations.

Advance Scheme

  • Drive Cart or River Lore (equal chance of either)
  • Secret Language - Gypsy
  • Secret Signs - Gypsy
  • Silent Move Rural
  • Silent Move Urban
  • 70% chance of Luck
  • 50% chance of Speak Additional Lang.
  • 20% chance of Animal Training
  • 20% chance of Specialist Weapon - Thrown Knife
  • 15% chance of Palmistry
  • 10% chance of Acrobatics
  • 10% chance of Musicianship - Violin
  • 5% chance of Divining
  • Knife
  • Large Earring
  • D6 Lucky Charms
  • D4 Herbs

Career Entries: Any character may become a Gypsy, provided he or she can find a tribe of Gypsies, who will allow the character to join them.

Career Exits: Charlatan, Outlaw, Pedlar, Smuggler, Thief, Trader

- Claus Ekstrom