From: (Pavel I. Konoplev)
Subject: [WFRP:1324] New profession

Hi from Russia! Privet iz Rossii!
Excuse me please for some discrepancies with original WFRP termi- nology - there is no Games Workshop stores in Russia, and all I have is a xerocopy of WFRP book in French. I propose for your judgement my first independent project. A couple years ago I have read a novel by Russian emigree to US Vladimir Lobas which was named "Diary of New York cabby". I enjoyed it much - even designed a board game after it. So my humble contribution is...

New Rogue profession - CABMAN


  • Knowledge of the city
  • Cart driving
  • Animal care
  • Streetfighting
  • Embezzle
  • Horseback riding
  • Humor
  • Haggling
  • Foreign language (50%)
  • Weapon specialisation - Pistol
  • Two-barrel pistol with two charges
  • Dagger
  • Horse
  • Carriage

Career exits: Coachman Smuggler Hawker Bandit Explorer Racketeer
Career entries: Coachman Knight-errant :-) Street artist Man at arms

Financial side of the profession
First thing to mention is that cabman owns his cab and thus endu- res all risks connected with the profession. To feed and stable his horse he needs 8/- to 10/- a day. To pay for average-quality food and room in outskirts of the city he needs another 8/-. It is harder to stimate how much profit does he need to maintain his enterprise but I think that 1 GK is minimum. So, he must earn 2 GK a day. Working 10 hours in a day he can pick up a passenger, say, once in half an hour. To earn 2GK from 20 passengers he must take from each passenger 2/-. Each trip 10-15 minutes long can cover 1-3 km. So, average payment for cab service is 1 shilling per km.

Physical side of the profession
A horse has strength of 3 and so can carry on its back 900 EP. One can agree that 10 EP is approx 1 kg. There is no indication in WFRP book at mass of _pulled_ cargo. Realistic preposition is that it is another three times more than horseback load. So, one horse can pull 270 kg. A cabman weighs 70 kg (or less if he is a hobbit :-)), so he can carry three passengers without encumbrance. In this case his horse trots at velocity of 8, making 11-12 km/hour.

Role-playing side of the profession
First, cabman's own transport can carry adventurers around the world cheaply and with speed. Secondly, entering mountainous region adventurers can hide the carriage and use the horse for carrying the luggage.

If adventurers roleplay in cabman's home city, his perfect know- ledge of inns and outs of this city will be precious for party. Indeed he knows criminal world of the city very well. If party is in despera- te need of funds, he can pick up a wealthy passenger and rob him, threatening with a pistol. Less criminal way of raising funds is to sell cart and horse (and pistol too? The pistols are precious in the Old World ;-)).

     Thank you for reading this stuff.

     BRG, Pavel AKA Tardil.

 * Elves: wine and song. Dwarves: brave and strong.