BARKEEP-------------Version 0.1

Rogue Basic Career

In a world as treacherous and brutal as most Old Worlders world is, many turn to the comforts of alcohol and the people who serve them. A Barkeep needs to be able to provide a drink, a smile and an attentive ear and the advice that accompanies it. Barkeeps learn to talk to people and how to get on their good side. Sometimes force must be used with an unruly or drunken customer and they may become quite adept at stunning these drunks and throwing them out. Occassionally a Barkeep will eventually own his own Inn, but sometimes the many stories of treasure and adventure heard from his patrons can cause a Barkeep to become an adventurer.


  • 50% Gamble
  • 25% Blather
  • 25% Acute Hearing
  • Wit
  • Seduction
  • Strike to Stun
  • 25% Street Fighter
  • Consume Alcohol
  • 75% Charm
  • D6 Bottles of Rotgut
  • Apron
  • Club
  • 3D6 Silver Shillings

Career Exits: Innkeeper Raconteur Artisans Apprentice-Brewer
Career Entries: Raconteur Servant