Date: Tue, 10 Jan 95 09:52:08 0000 (GMT)
From: "O.Cooper" <>
Subject: Anarchist Mark II


- Advanced Career

Anarchists are a form of agitator dedicated to ridding the Old World of organized leadership. With a lack of democracy, and hereditary rulers, the Old World is a hotbed for anarchy and the recent invention of the printing press means that anarchist groups can distribute their literature and canvas for support.

Anarchists often group with adventurers after discovering evidence of chaos corruption in their bid to violently remove the authorities from office.

Advance Scheme

  • Chemistry
  • Concealment Urban
  • Disguise
  • Flee!
  • Public Speaking
  • Silent Move Urban
  • Specialist Weapon - Bomb
  • Hand Weapon
  • Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Cloak
  • 1d6 Bombs

Career Entries - Agitator, Outlaw, Student

Career Exits - Agiatator, Demagogue, Outlaw Chief, Initiate (Khaine or Tzeentch)

Role Playing Notes

If roleplayed properly, an anarchist PC may provide a few problems, like so:-

GM 'OK, you've been ordered to a secret meeting with the Graf about a matter vital to Imperial Security. A palace flunky leads you to the Graf's chambers, where you are shown to Graf Boris Todbr-' Player 'BANG! I nailbomb the evil fascist overlord! Power to the Workers!'

An anarchist PC is probably best played as one who is not too open about his career, perhaps an undercover member of an anarchist group who is trawling for damning evidence of corruption or chaos worship amongst the upper classses, in order to win public support for a good old-fashioned public lynching/burning/handbombing of the guilty parties. Otherwise, your gaming sessions might be just that - anarchy.

Anarchist NPCs however make great enemies for a party. If the PCs have received the thanks of the local rulers, they may become public heroes, and as such visible symbols of the rulers power. In this case, an anarchist group may decide that the PCs are viable targets for their terror campaign.

Some cultists may display severe anarchic tendencies. Khaine is greatly amused by anarchists, and many of his followers adopt this career as a method of appeasing their god. Tzeentch is the Lord of Change, and the secret power behind many an anarchist plot, although most of the anarchists doing all the dirty work are oblivious to this. Khorne however favours more direct bloodshed, and Slaanesh tends to lose some of his/her higher placed followers to anarchists. As a result, when the servants of Slaanesh can be bothered to lift their heads from their bacchanallian pursuits, they tend to form a strong hatred for anarchists. Nurgle is uncaring about anarchists, and his cults therefore do not view anarchism as a useful political tool.

Owen Cooper