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Alfred Nunez

Scout: (Advanced)

Society of the Bear
A secret society dedicated to Taal and his role of protector of the wild places, the Society of the Bear are scouts whose skills in the wilderness exceed most men. Individual Bear members are hired to escort small and large parties (up to small armies) through the wilderness. Their only requirement is that those who are being led do nothing to despoil the realm of Taal. Any group who fail to heed this requirement may find themselves led to, and abandoned in, the deepest and most isolated part of the wilderness. There these offenders will face the displeasure of Taal.
For career advance scheme, career exits, and trappings, see the Scout advance career, WFRP, page 104. In addition to those skills listed, Scouts of the Society of the Bear include the skills of Heal Wounds, Herb Lore, and Identify Plant.

Wardens of the Field
The Wardens of the Field are Halflings who follow the cults of Esmeralda and her son Findol (Warden of the Fields). Similar to the Protectors of the Pantry, the Wardens have a sacred task: the protection of the agricultural fields of Halflings from vermin ranging from ravenous insects to marauding bands of Goblins and Snotlings (anything bigger often requires the hiring of Humans or Dwarves). Wardens of the Field are excellent woodsmen and scouts.
They are the closest thing to a warrior class for Halflings. In fact, during times of community danger, small groups of Wardens join together to form a formidable force of bowmen and slingers.
For career advance scheme, career exits, and trappings see the Scout advance career, WFRP, pg. 104. In place of Ride-Horse skill, the Wardens of the Field substitute Marksmanship skill.