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I am releasing the following material I have written which may be used only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material (except the Ulrican descriptions as those rights belong to myself and Anthony Ragan) while system-specific material is copyright by GW.

Ratcatcher: (Basic)

Protectors of the Pantry
The Protectors of the Pantry are Halflings who follow the cults of Esmeralda and her son Gangee (Protector of the Pantry). The sacred task of protecting the Halfling pantries from the predations of vermin, especially rats, have fallen to them. The Protectors of the Pantry are adept at hunting down and killing vermin and do so with (for a Halfling) a fanatical zeal. In other respects, Protectors of the Pantry are normal Halflings and far more sociable and cleaner than their Human Ratcatcher counterparts.
For career advance scheme, career exits, and trappings see the Ratcatcher basic career, WFRP, pg. 36. Moreover, Protectors of the Pantry are subject to hatred versus rats and rat-like creatures (including Skaven).

Alfred Nunez