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Mariners (Order of the Trident): (Advanced)

Mariners are the maritime equivalent to the Templars of other cults. They are expert seamen, as well as fighters, and can be found in most large seaports of the Old World. Similar to Templars, Mariners root out Chaos and Evil (such as those pirate bands intend solely on killing) on the high seas.
They are among the first to engage the extremely dangerous Chaos, Dark Elf, and Skaven fleets that roam the open seas, especially near the coasts of the Old World.

Those who join the Order of the Trident usually come from a maritime (or similar) career. All must be members of the cult of Manann and are selected by a council of second level or above Clerics. They must serve at least one year on various ships performing numerous tasks. Only then will the individual be able to join a company of Mariners.

Advance Scheme

  • Astronomy
  • Cartography
  • Disarm
  • Dodge Blow
  • Navigation (see below)
  • Orientation
  • Read/Write
  • Row
  • Sailing
  • Scale Sheer Surface
  • Sea Lore (see below)
  • Secret Language- Maritime Battle Tongue
  • Secret Signs- Templar
  • Speak Additional Languages
  • Specialist Weapon- Pistol
  • Street Fighting
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Strike to Stun
  • Mail Shirt
  • Shield
  • Bow or Crossbow with Ammunition
  • Pistol with Ammunition and Powder
  • Grappling Hook with 10 Yards of Rope
  • 25% chance of Navigator's Instruments

Career Entrances: Boatman, Marine, Navigator, Pilot, Seaman

Career Exits: Explorer, Initiate (Manann), Sea Captain

Navigation: Characters with this skill have the ability to guide a ship around dangerous obstacles such as hidden sandbars or shoals. They also have the ability to recognize tidal influences in coastal waters and using them to their advantage when guiding the ship through.

Sea Lore: An understanding of sea lore allows characters to be familiar with the hazards of travel on the open sea. They will recognize signs of dangerous eddies and shoals, increase danger of an imminent squall or storm at sea, and whether the risk of dying winds and a becalmed sea has increased. They can also tell whether anything is out of place or unusual.

Alfred Nunez