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Subject: [WFRP:910] Yet another career...

I feel that there is a deficiency in Ranger like advanced I have created a few of more Rangerish sort of classes for Advanced careers. This is one. A few more are mentioned in the Career Entries and Exits. I will be posting them every other day.
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The Huntsman is a hunter who hunts solely for sport, who spends most of their time thinking of the hunt, the anticipation of the kill.


Advanced Career

A Huntsman is a professional hunter, who spends every moment out on the trail, stalking game and prey. Often they are hunters who do not hunt for subsistence, but for sport. They most often hunt alone, or in pairs. Many are rich nobles or landed aristocrats who find a thrill in the chase.


  • Conceal Rural
  • Follow Trail
  • Game Hunting
  • Identify Plants
  • Marksmanship
  • Orientation
  • Set Trap
  • Silent Move Rural
  • Spot Trap
  • Bow and 20 arrows
  • Hunting Knife (dagger)
  • Rugged Outdoor Clothing

Career Entries: Duck Hunter, Game Keeper, Hunt Master, Hunter, Kennel Master, Noble, Outlaw, Targeteer

Career Exits: Hunt Master, Scout, Targeteer


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